April 2014 Birchbox w/ freebie items & limited edition box

aprilbbopen aprilbbraincard aprilbbpull

aprilbbtipsaprilbbtip18This month’s Birchbox theme is called Rain Days. It came in a super cute packaging with baby blue tissue paper and one cute “52 Bright Ideas for A Rainy Day” sleeve with a card you pull out. You can buy the “deck” of ideas in the Birchbox shop for $10.00. I know this sounds really nerdy but I really enjoyed opening up these graphic cards and seeing all the graphic designs- such great designs and great packaging!

But yeah back to the box, mine was shipped out on 4/4/14 and I just got it on 4/15/14. This is pretty slow compared to other months but I didn’t mind. Instead of getting 5 items I got 6 (last month I got 7)! AND I also redeemed my points for some super-cool-awesome goodies! 😉 Check out my other posts to learn more about Birchbox if you haven’t already.

Here’s what I got:


aprilbbsunscreenSupergoop!® City Sunscreen Serum. 1.6 oz for $42.00 or .34 oz for $8.88.
You can’t really get enough sun protection but this baby comes with a serum to not only protect you from harmful rays but increase hydration and heal your skin from past damages. All parabens free. I’m a happy camper. =]

aprilbbpencilSumita Color Contrast Eyeliner in Mansha (Plum). 0.024 oz for ~$5.25.
I’m excited to try this out on my waterline, they say it should stay put but we’ll see how well this works- I read some reviews that it smears after an hour. **I’ve been using this a lot now! It really does stay put- I did a smear test and this stays put. Same with my waterline and eyeliner- this is my go to liner now. =] I’m actually getting a black full size one!**

aprilbbshampooaprilbbconditionerNumber 4™ Clarifying Shampoo. 8.5 oz for $32.00 or 1oz $3.76.
Number 4™ Lumiere d’hiver Reconstructing Masque. 5.1 oz for $58.00 or .25 oz $2.84.
This is a nice set (except for the foil packet)… N4 is a good brand- I’ve had the hair spray in one of my previous box and I liked the sample. I’ve been getting a lot of shampoo samples lately but haven’t tried them yet. I’ll update this if I choose to use them- all of my samples are currently in queue for trading.

aprilbbpolishColor Club Gala’s Gems Collection. $13.00 for 4 bottles or $3.25 for one.
I got “Breakfast At…” which is a beautiful pearly green (birchbox/tiffany’s) color. I can’t wait to try it out- my nails need a polish change bad.

aprilbbbarKIND Healthy Grain Bars. $11.88 for 15-count  or .79 cent a 1.2oz bar.
This was a bonus item-its pretty big or maybe its just wider but I got a pumpkin flavored one- yummm. This brand is all natural- just how I like it. 😉 **This is pretty good, there’s a crunchy seed of some sort too.**

My box came out to around $24.77 worth (its probably worth more because when companies sell small sizes they tend to up the price from the larger size (or you need to spend $25-$50 to get “free” samples). I’m very happy with my boxes- Birchbox definitely picked out a good one for me. I would use all of them but not at the same time- I still have samples to go through before these.

If you want to join Birchbox, use my link! I think the wait is a lot shorter than Ipsy so it could be fun to test it out for a couple of months. You get to earn a lot of points by reviewing products, buying stuff, and referring people. Speaking of points here are some awesome stuff I redeemed for 700 points ($70)!


My freebie gift is the organizing tray- it was sold out but it came back so I HAD to scoop it up! I love it- the color and pattern is so pretty and water-resistant too. 😉


My other luxury item I’ve been eyeing is the IT Cosmetics Brush- IT’S SO SOFT! Man, this is my only “splurge brush” I’ve ever gotten for myself- I can’t wait to use this. I wish BB carried Tarte’s Buffing brush- I need that too.


I also got the Nexus Heat Protection Styling Spray for when I do go out, straighten, curl, or blow dry my hair. I have enough damage (split ends) so this will help it.


Then my last item is the London Tea Caddy- how cute is this keepsake box? There’s a change hole up top you can put spare change in it when your done drinking the tea bags. =) I love tea, my mom recently got obsessed with drinking British tea and creamer- its so fresh and aromatic when you take a sip. Mmmm… hot milk teaa…

533ac7fd1adedThere’s a limited edition box too this month- I’m not sure how long it’s going to last but this box has ALL natural ingredients and a portion is going towards charity- so lots of goodies for everyone. It’s called Free For All for $44, it includes W3LL PEOPLE Hypnotist Eyeliner – 0.04 oz, Alima Pure Lip Tint in Rhubarb – 0.13 oz, eco-armour Shave with Benefits Shave Foam with Mint + Eucalyptus – 50 ml, FEED 10 Pouch, Jurlique Purely Bright Radiance Serum – 15 ml, Karma Organic Spa Nail Polish Remover with Soybean Oil and Tea Tree Oil – 15 ml, Løv Organic Tea (muslin tea bags in assorted flavors: Løv is Good, Løv is Pure, Løv is Zen, and Løv is Beautiful), and Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser – 30 ml. Its packed with good stuff so if you’re into natural products, I suggest you get this box because it won’t be here forever!

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