PinchMe February 2014 Review and free box offer!


One of my March boxes I got was the PinchMe box- I signed up quite some time ago but never redeemed my samples until recently. I actually ordered it the end of February and I got it in March. PinchMe is a free sample box where you can sign up, fill out quizzes, pick your 3 free samples, and have them sent out to you. After you get your samples- you can choose to review them for 100 points so that you can redeem more samples in the future. You can also complete “challenges”, get “achievements”, and earn “badges” for even more points to earn samples, sweepstakes, and other promotions.

I personally find the site confusing so I’m probably going to stop, unless they send me an email to take more quizzes or stuff to earn more points- I’ll probably forget about it.

Here’s what I picked out:

marchpmshampooClear Damage & Color Repair Shampoo.
I actually had this shampoo before hand and it worked great the first time I used it- then it didn’t work anymore for some reason. If you want this check out my eDivv shop and offer me a trade!

DSC05606Suave® Skin Solutions Advanced Therapy.
I’ve been getting extra dry skin all over since this “winter” so when I see anything moisturizing-I’m snatching it up. I tried this a little bit on my hands since its the most dry area and its not completely rich but its not watery either. From the scale 1 to 10 1 being the least moisturizing and 10 being most moisturizing (and I mean like dry patch to normal skin moisturizing)- I’d give this a 6. It claims it relieves severely dry skin but you would have to constantly apply it for it to completely moisturize “100%” and give it “24 hour moisturization”. This will also be in my shop if you want to try it.

marchpmgevaliaGevalia Caramel Macchiato.
I haven’t tried this yet but when I get a Keurig machine- I’ll be ready! I love Gevalia coffee so I know this will be good, their coffee always tastes fresh with no bitter after taste. Plus, I love caramel so this is a great combo. Yummm.

So if you want to join for free and get a free box (with your selections) goto and sign up. Enjoy! =)


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