Wantable Accessory Box April 2014 Review

wantableaprilholdI decided to try Wantable’s Accessory Box again since my first experience didn’t turn out too well. I notice they changed up their quiz and packaging so that was nice to see. The only box I haven’t tried yet is the Intimates Box which includes undergarments. I might have to check that out in a few months. But my favorite is the Makeup Box- they have so many options- you get exactly what you ask for. If not, simply return it for no charge and a refund or get a replacement (free of charge). That’s the great thing about Wantable– if you are not 100% satisfied they’ll do their best to make it right. =]

For $36/$40 you get 3-4 items that’s about $10 per item you’re paying for but you’ll get more than $50 worth of stuff. Everything is personalized when you take a detailed quiz. So you can either generalize it or make it exactly what you want.

My profile: Love: gold tones, classic style, size 7, sunglasses, rings, scarves, sized bracelets/rings. Like: watches, short necklaces, hair accessories, small bracelets, multi-tone rings. Dislike: Glam/Rock n’ Roll/Mix n’ Match, earrings, silver tones, adjustable rings.

If you ever get something you “dislike” on your quiz- send them an email and they’ll straighten it out right away.

Here’s what they sent me:


I love personalized notes! In the back of the “Lovely to Meet You!” note there’s a quote too. The printed paper behind it tells you the items, price, and how to pair the items with your wardrobe.

wantableaprilbraceletsLindsey Bracelet. Retail: $28.00.
(First bracelet on the left) This was perfectly chosen to my quiz- classic, gold tone, and sized for smaller wrists. I’m not in love with it but I don’t hate it either. My one bad thing about this bracelet is that the rhinestone circle tends to get flipped over a lot but it’s not a big deal. Its stretchy so its easy to put on and take off.

London Bracelet. Retail: $22.00.
(Bracelet on the right) Love the style but I hate the fitting- its a standard size bracelet which means it doesn’t fit my tiny wrists! I love the matte finish on the outside but these don’t stay on so they will be gifted to my mom.


wantableaprilstainVanity Scarf. Retail: $24.00.
This is a nice light plain yellow infinity scarf… my only problem was that it had a gross crusty brown stain on it- yuck! I really liked it until I saw that stain. Of course, I contact Wantable.

wantableaprilringRemi Ring. Retail: $15.00.
Last but not least, this SILVER and gold ring was nice but I specifically said no silver. I understand I put down multi-tone but silver??? I meant rose gold or some other color but silver… -.- I know its a minor thing but I really don’t like silver with my skin tone.

So after writing to Wantable, I decided to get replacements instead of returning it (like I did last time). I was very happy with my new box! It was exactly what I wanted in the first place. =]

For my replacement, I got:

wantableaprilscarf2Elisabeth Scarf. Retail: $24.00.
This is the same exact scarf but in white and no stain! YAY! lol You can’t get wrong with a neutral color. I just need to be careful not to wear it with transferrable foundation.

wantableaprilsunglassesLaura Sunglasses. Retail: $22.00.
These are black framed glasses with a dark tint. I was hesitated to try these since they looked extremely dark but it was nice- the tint made it clear and not yellow or a funky color. It really helped dim down bright lights and glares.

wantableaprilnecklaceVionnet Necklace. Retail: $24.00.
I REALLY like this necklace- they really got my style with this one! It’s a deep blue dangling bib made with beads and a GOLD chain. I’m very pleased. 🙂

So the total of my boxes was $159.00! Holy cow that’s a lot- I would never pay full price for accessories so to pay $36 for 4 or 7 items is a steal. Plus you get these really cute bags to keep them in. Everything is personalized so it makes me smile over and over again when I open up box and see all of the wonderful goodies. Oh yeah, I actually got a 10% discount so it was an extra $4 off (after signing up and not buying for awhile, I was browsing one day but not buying-they sent me an email for a discount)! Wooo!

If you want to get some goodies too use my link and sign up. You can pick from makeup, accessories or intimates. Shipping is fairly fast since it ships from Ohio, mine took 2 business days to get to me.



In other news, look out for two new subscription boxes! There’s a Mother’s Day Box and a fitness box coming your way soon! =] Thanks for reading!


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