TotalBeauty April 2014 Review & Discount Mother’s Day Collection Box


Mother’s Day is quickly coming up and if you’re looking for a present for mom check out TotalBeauty’s Mother’s Day Collection. I’d hurry and make up your mind before they all run out.

But first here’s a little about TotalBeauty, its not a continuous subscription box service so you only buy what you want. They have a bunch of collections, products or sample boxes to choose from. Sometimes you see everything in the box, sometimes its a surprise! šŸ˜‰ Each box contains a variety of stuff so its not all the same- check out some here. Everything in this box is natural/organic/vegan. Woo! Did I tell you I’m going on a paraben-free “diet”? Yup, no more parabens for me (or at least to a minimum).

So let’s see what the Mother’s Day Collection has:


LOVE the colors- so spring! First thing I noticed right off the bat is this HUGE scrub! Of course I need to check this out first…

tbaprilscrubAdvanced Body Care by ME! Sugar Scrub in Apple Blossom & Kumqat. Retail: 14 oz for $40.00.

Oh man this scrub smells sooo good. It smells super fresh and floral, I could smell this forever! They should make a candle of this- I’d buy it. The scrub is all organic- no chemicals, parabens and such. Its suppose to regenerate cells, repair age related skin damage, and of course make your skin smooth and soft. I really need this- I might have to order another box since this thing alone costs more than I’m paying for the whole box!

tbaprilpurlissePur~lisse pur~moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer. 1.7 oz for $55.00.

This is another full size item that makes this whole box way over its value. This thing is huge for a moisturizer! I would use this but I have so many anti-aging moisturizer. Its great for people with normal to dry skin since it balances out your skin moisture.

tbaprilroseTata Harper Rose Floral Essence. Retail: $5.00.

This tiny little thing is pure rose water which takes 60 petals just to produce one drop of oil- crazy! Spray this over your face after cleansing and before moisturizing and it’ll help retain moisture. The smell is very faint so it won’t smell like straight up perfume on your face. Nice and refreshing. If you do get this box- you’ll get a promo code for $10 off the full size.

tbapriloilALFAPARF Cristalli Liquid Serum. Retail: $4.42.

This hair serum will help tame frizz, add shine, and make your hair softer. Just add a little to your hands the rub into your roots working your way down to the ends.

tbaprilmaskMontagne Jeunesse Face Spa Mask. Retail: $2.49 for one mask.

I’ve never done this kind of mask before with the paper but I do have this kind in the blue paste form from Freeman. They come in different masks so I got the dead sea salt & seaweed- made for calming and cleansing your face.

tbaprilbalmNeutrogena Naturals Lip Balm. 0.15 oz for $3.00.

I wasn’t too excited for lip balm but what girl doesn’t need lip balm- we go through them like crazy. My lips had a dry as h*ll phase so literally no lip balm moisturized my lips. I would constantly reapply every 30 minutes… but that was winter so its now better! This balm is straight up natural oils and no more- no scent and no flavoring added.

tbaprilfizzAdvanced Body Care by ME! Bath-Bath Soak Mini. Retail: $4.00.

I saved this for last because it got all over the box and products. I don’t know why they didn’t wrap it on tissue paper but this fizzy bath ball got powder all over- yuck. I also didn’t like the smell of it either- I can’t put my finger on what the scent is but it gives me a headache. I never used one before but its suppose to calm your body in a bath. I don’t think you use all of it in one shot but I’ve seen people break off a piece of the larger one (probably double the size of this one). You can use the whole thing for a bath tub or break some off for soakingĀ your hands/feet.

So that was all of the 7 beauty products, it came out to $113.91 without the bonus offers! So another gift you’ll get is the $50 Gift Card from and a $30 value 8″x10″ Canvas Lite Print from Awesome right? The canvas thing looks cool- I might have to check it out and order one.

For the price of $29, this box is a steal! You can save $10.00 if use the code: “MOM” or get 2 for $55 (saving $23) when you use “MOM2” just click this link here to see the box.

Also, when you buy this box or any box from my link– you’ll be helping me out! Since its been so hard finding a job in my area- I’ve decided to team up with some box companies to earn some cash to keep this blog going so I would appreciate you spreading the love! Thanks again to my readers- you also keep me going. =] Just because I’m making money, I will NOT alter my posts or opinion about a product to sell boxes- I will be honest as possible like always. Thanks for supporting me. ā¤

Stay tune for a Bulu box review and offer for 50% off! What??!!

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