April 2014 Bulu Box Review + 50% off Coupon Code!

aprilbuluholdI’ve seen Bulu Box around for awhile but I was never motivated enough to get one until recently. I decided to go paraben-free and eat/try to be healthier so when the opportunity came up- I took it! (This is my other affiliate.) Bulu Box has 4-5 products (sometimes 6) in a box, you take a quiz to customize your box, Bulu is pretty like Birchbox but with health, diet and fitness products. One thing that’s different from Birchbox is that you can pause whenever you want for how ever long you want- I think you can send someone your box too.

Here’s my very first Bulu Box:


aprilbuluhummusMediterranean Snacks Tapaz 2 Go. 3.6 oz for $2.99.

This is a great lunch side or midday snack. It comes with Hummus and Lentil crackers so there’s no guilt in this snack. Its all natural and a great source of protein. Too bad I don’t like hummus, I’ve tried this multiple times and its just not my kind of snack- its too vinegary for my taste.

aprilbuluchewedSmarty Pants Adult Gummy Vitamins. 6 Gummies for $1.00.

One pack (6 gummies) should give you enough vitamins and Omega 3s for the day! Woo- no pills! Everything is natural and made with organic ingredients. These are so yummy, taste like candy! Its not chewy- it has a sugary texture so a few chews and you’re ready to pop in more and its not too sweet for me either. It’s very addicting…so be careful.

aprilbulustrengthMeStrength in Grape. Retail: $1.00.

This mixable powdered drink gives you energy before you workout- you pour it in a 20 oz water bottle, shake and drink it. It contains electrolytes & creatine for endurance and power.

aprilbulucollagenBeauty Bursts in Fresh Mint Chocolate. Retail: 0.37 cents for 1 chew.

This is an all natural dietary supplement for boosting collagen. I suppose you take one chew a day and it makes your skin more hydrated, a nutrient to rebuild skin cells, and enhance your collagen production. Not sure how much of a difference you’ll see with one chew but we’ll see.

aprilbulukindKIND Bar Dark Chocolate Chili Almond. Retail: $1.92.

I got this brand from Birchbox too but this is a different flavor and smaller. I’m not sure how I would like chili in my chocolate but I’ll let you know! **Whoa these are HOT, I couldn’t even finish the bar it burned my mouth so bad!** These are all natural ingredients and its great for fiber and protein.

aprilbuluteethBonus: WhiteShield. 0.78 cents for 3 packets.

If you’re worried that coffee will stain your teeth pour this packet in your cup and drink away! Not sure I need this though. lol

Lots of interesting products, I have to say- I would never actually buy most of these on my own so I’m glad to test them out and see if you like them. My box was only $8.06 in total (this is the price at the cheapest bulk value so when you do buy them individually it would cost more), plus I’ll get 60 points ($6) for reviewing the items and another 50 points ($5) for the month’s subscription. So if you total everything up- I got $19.06 in one month for a $10 box.

Lucky for you guys I have a 50% off coupon you can use go to this link, pick your subscription, use “BULUGAN455” and save money! When you choose to buy a subscription, you’ll automatically get half off your first subscription. This only works with new members/emails so use it wisely. I recommend getting the yearly sub to get the most out of the discount.

Here’s the breakdown:

1 month = $10 = $5 for 1 box (save $5)

3 months = $30 = $15 for 3 boxes (save $15)

6 months = $60 = $30 for 6 boxes (save $30)

12 months = $110 = $55 for 12 boxes (save $55)

For every 10 points = $1 for you to use in the shop, points will expire after 90 days so use it to buy the stuff you like. Feel free to read the FAQs. Every time you get a box you can review each item and earn 10 points each. By buying the bigger subscription you’ll earn 50 points for each “$10 box”, on top of that you save $55, and you can use those points to get free products much quicker than the lesser subscriptions. This is a great deal for current exercisers or people who WANT to be motivated to be healthier- by forcing yourself to get the boxes and spending that money- you’ll have that motivation to use the products (since its already there) and because you don’t want to waste money.

I know this is a lot of information to process but read the FAQs before committing so you know what to expect. Feel free to ask me questions if you want. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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