Ipsy May 2014 Review & Coupon Codes


I know this post is a bit late but May was pretty hectic for me so I hadn’t had the time to post. (Lot’s of catching up and graduations going on.) It was fun but now I got to post these reviews! I got my Ipsy bag on 5/16/14 which is fairly quick since it was shipped on the 10th.

So here’s what I got:

ipsymayhangtenHang Ten Classic Sport SPF50. Retail: $2.17 for 1 oz.

It’s light and not too watery. The smell was interesting- it didn’t smell like regular sunblock but smelled more like “rum” which when I put on my face- didn’t bother me. I usually don’t get burned unless I’m literally in the sun all day. I like how it’s waterproof for up to 80 minutes!

ipsymayshadowPacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo. Retail: $3.92.
I was really excited to try this but it wasn’t really what I thought it would be. I got the gold and the light pink combo.


I wasn’t expecting the gold color to have a bright pink shimmer to it- although it isn’t noticeable once its on. The light pink color was used as a highlighter or a transitional color, overall this eyeshadow was okay- it didn’t have a big fallout and an okay color payoff.

ipsymayscrubderma e Microdermabrasion Scrub. Retail: $16.25.
This smelled like lemons and oranges! I don’t use too many scrubs anymore since my face is sensitive but I tried this a couple of times… I would recommend sensitive users to gently massage using very little pressure.

ipsymayhoneymaskHey Honey Take It Off! Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask. Retail: $7.00.
I  love peel masks but I didn’t quite follow the directions. You’re suppose to moisturize your face, add the mask all over (probably generously since mine was too thin to peel off), and then wait till its dry to peel off. Since I didn’t do it correct- I’ll have to try it again. I either do a scrub or a mask every other day or so.

ipsymaypurlissePur~lisse pur~moist hydra balance moisturizer. Retail: $16.18.
I got this in my Total Beauty box and I still haven’t used my full-sized version yet… Honestly, my current moisturizer routine is perfect right now so I’m not going to change it up (until I run out of course).

ipsymaylipstickBareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Light It Up. Retail: $18.00.
This was one of the bonus items I redeemed. The picture on Ipsy’s site didn’t match the true color- it’s actually a really nice coral/orangey color. The formula is nice too, its moisturizing and easy to apply. Btw, this is a full sized lipstick! (Sorry about the messy application.)ipsymaylips

EvaNYC_ManeTamerLeaveInCream_100mL_new_A_79fa810d-c2ca-4778-8486-57b21c15888cMane Tamer Leave In Cream. Retail: $8.00 for 3.38 oz.
Sorry I don’t have a true picture- I thought I took one… This was my replacement item from last month’s repeat item. They forgot to pack this in my bag so I got this one in a separate bag. I love leave-in conditioners! I really needed a new one so this was great.

My total box was worth $53.52! Everything in this month’s bag was pretty awesome in their own way so I was glad to get any of the products. Since I really wanted to get the boo boo concealer- I actually traded for it on eDivv.com. I have to say, it has great coverage! My only concern was the color- it was a medium but it was a tad “light” for me even though I’m a light-medium. However, it’s not that noticab;e once I put foundation on.

Below is my May look- very simple but with a bright bold lip color. I believe I used the Urban Decay Lipstick in 69 underneath the BareMinerals Moxie Lipstick which made it a very pretty pink. If you want to join Ipsy, use my link! I would do it ASAP since the wait could take awhile, if you want skip the wait read about it in my other posts…


Now for the coupon codes:

IPSY2014: 25% off your purchase at hangtensunscreen.com

ipsybeauty: 25% off any purchase at pacificabeauty.com

IPSY0514: 30% off any purchase at dermae.com/ipsy

Ipsy30: 30% off any purchase at purlisse.com

IPSY: 65% off your purchase at eva-nyc.com

Bronzer25: 25% off any purchase at toofaced.com

IPSY15: 15% off any Avène product at drugstore.com

nofrizz20: 20% off your entire purchase at balancedguru.com

BUFFBABE: 55% off on the Bare Foot® Better in the Buff Set + FREE shipping at freemanbeauty.com

RMKG9TY7: 25% off any purchase at booboocoverup.com

BRUSH25OFF: 25% off your purchase at coastalscents.com

Ipsy30: 30% off the full size Sans Tan Anti-aging Sunscreen at jerseyshoresun.com

IPSYLOVE30514: 30% off any purchase at lafreshgroup.com

IPSY15: 15% off any purchase at lulublossom.com

ipsy30: 30% off any purchase at meebeauty.com

ipsy30: 30% off any purchase at meebeauty.com

IPSYSPRING: 50% off any purchase $12 or more + FREE eyeliner at nailtini.com

OLIVEIPSY: 20% off and FREE gift with any purchase at olivenaturalbeauty.com


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