The Boodle Box May & June 2014 Review

boodleholdThere’s a new box subscription for tweens and teens, it’s call The Boodle Box! You get a bunch of random beauty products so there’s always a surprise. I’d say the the tween boxes are great for younger girls because they aren’t focused on “makeup” but are focused on other fun and bright accessories to really pamper a girl. I think it’s a nice introduction to play around with for those young girls who want to be like us “older” girls.

I’m so excited to show you what I got in my Boodle Boxes so let’s get started!

This first one is from May 2014:


boodlecardHuge bag right?? My first impression of the May box was that it had a spring-to-summer feel. There’s plenty of bright colors that can be used in the spring or summer. I really like that each box comes with an info card that tells you what it is and the retail price.


Lillly Pulitzer Trippin’ & Sippin’ Sea Soiree Market Bag. Retail: $10.00.

This huge floral beach bag from Lilly Pulitzer that can be used at the beach or at a picnic to hold all your goodies.



Nails INC. Nail Polish. Retail: $4.17.

The bright teal nail polish called william mews is so pretty for the beach. It goes with my bag! I love this blue- it was a pain to paint it on (lots of clumsy smudging) but once it dried- it was invincible!

boodlepurrPURR by Katy Perry Perfume. Retail: $2.40.

This perfume  smells purr-fect for spring. Katy Perry did a great job with her perfume line. I might have to check out the other stuff. =]

boodlenailartCina Nail Creations. Retail: $4.69.

I love doing nail art and if you’re in a hurry to do a design- just pop one of these babies on and you’re done! Easy. I’ll update this when I use it- its so cute!

boodle2bathSunKidGifts Lollipop Bath Fizzy. Retail: $2.50.

I never used a fizzy bath balls before but this looks so fun! It changes the color of the water and it smells like blue raspberries.

boodletieMarina’s Closet Ponytail Holder. Retail: $3.00.

This accessory is so cute for younger girls or a young at heart. I can’t picture myself using this but I do love the bright pink with flowers.


Neon Silicone Chain Bracelets. Retail: $5.98 (for both).

The silicone bracelets are nice too- it seems to be in style now. I can’t image wearing this on a daily basis for me- maybe at a concert!

Overall, I’m really impressed with this box- I thought it was a bit childish before but the only thing that I personally wouldn’t use- is the hair tie.

Now for the second box- June 2014!


boodle2carddetailThe theme is Get Pedi Ready! I think June’s box is my favorite! I admit I neglect my feet, so this month I’m dedicating to treat my feet.

This box really wowed me with all the things they packed in here…

boodle2perfumeKaty Perry Meow Solid Perfume Locket. Retail: $35.00.

It made the box smell good and even the tissue paper was covered in this smell. I love this so much, the necklace is so CUTE- I want to wear all the time.

boodle2pediboodle2pediholdFlip Flop 4 Piece Manicure Kit. Retail: $8.00.

I really like how portable this is- it’s going in my purse for those nail touch ups or a quick trim.

boodle2polishRuby Wing “Crowd Surf” Color- Changing Nail Polish. Retail $10.00.

This is another favorite, when inside the color is a dark purple but outside its a bright cheery purple. I think both colors are so pretty.


boodle2rhinestoneFlip Flop Bling Strips. Retail: $3.99.

I like that it comes in two pairs of strips so you can match with your best friend or you mom/daughter. What a great idea! =]


boodle2padsFlip Flop Notepad & Stickie Set. Retail: $1.00.

This is my least favorite in the box but I still tried to use them. I write down my to-do list on the sticky notes and use the blank pad as a oil blotter for the face. Its actually thick enough so that you can use both sides or use it on an extra oily day. 😉



Flip Flop Lip Gloss. Retail: $3.50.

They are really driving the theme to the end with this one! How adorable is this?? Smells like cherries.

boodle2travelCosmetic Bag and Brush Holder. Retail: $12.00.

I really loved that they included this- even though it doesn’t have brushes in them- I placed my own in there and it fits perfectly! You don’t necessarily have to put brushes in them but the pouch is a nice touch to add whatever else you can’t fit in the slots. I love how soft the pouch is too!

So let’s recap, my June box was worth $32.74 and my May box was $73.49! Each box costs from $19.99-$24.99 depending on your subscription plan. You can choose from 2 boxes one for ages 5-10 or 11 & up. If you like what you see visit The Boodle Box and check it out. If you want- you can choose to buy individual products or the previous boxes.

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