Every28 June 2014 Sample Review Box

e28holdEvery28 is a period box subscription that you can customize each month. You have several options to choose from so it ranges from $15-$25 a month. the smallest box can have 20 count of items to 60 items if you need it. Like all subscriptions you can cancel or (for some) pause until you are ready to start again. You can pick from panty liners, pads, and tampons. Best of all each box comes with a special treat! =]

When Every28 contacted me to review a box I gladly accepted, I never got a period box before so I figured it would be a chance to try new products. I get a sample box so these are only a few selections out of the stuff they have.

Let’s see what I got!


Since this is a sample box- each box will get chocolate or gum, not both. I love chocolate! So this was eaten ASAP. I like how everything is wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper. =]


Lucky for me I have tried everything in my box already so I can personally tell you what I think of it, let’s start with the Kotex U line. If you don’t like hearing the glory details about my menstrual cycle feel free to skip over the details and look at pictures.

e28ukotexThe Kotex Ultrathin panty liner (purple one) has no wings and is pretty thin. I personally don’t like this panty liner since I prefer a wider liner. When I do have these left, I double up by placing them side by side.

The overnight pad (large green one) however is really wide in comparison and much longer with a wing. It’s great for sleeping because there’s extra padding in the back and front for even more protection. I personally like to wear tampons during the middle of my cycle because it’s easier for me to sleep on my side. I set my alarm and change it out when it hits the 8 hour mark or before depending on my cycle. BUT I do use a pad in case it leaks. It’s better to use less than your cycle because having it in too long without the proper moisture will hurt you in the long run.

As for the regular tampon I like the compact size and the discreetness of the packaging. The wrapper doesn’t make a ton of noises like the plastic ones and the thinness of the paper is easy enough to “rip” open. Since this is the compact version- you need to extend the applicator by pulling the second tube out until it “clicks”. The “click” aspect to put together the tampon applicator is a bit tricky but if you over pull it- you can easily put it back in and try again. I think plastic applicators are so much easier to insert than cardboard ones since its much more “slippery” to insert. They are however more expensive than cardboard ones but it’s totally up to you.

e28tamponsOnto the Tampax brand… these are the cardboard versions so in my opinion they are more uncomfortable for me to use. I only use them when I have no choice. The difference between regular and super plus is the width of the tampons. All tampons are only smaller than a pinky- just because the applicator is long- the actual tampon is not. You need a longer applicator to push the tampon in far enough to stay and catch the flow before it comes out. Once its filled- it leaks out onto the thread so you don’t have to worry about it collecting in there forever until you take it out. I usually look at the thread to see if it needs to get changed. I believe these expand sideways so it could possibly not “fit” you depending on your cycle needs. They have a ton of different designs to fit your body so I recommend experimenting and finding out what works for you. Some expand like an upside down flower, some expand horizontally.

The two top tampons, (yellow) regular and (orange) super are okay, they do the job. I just think it’s super uncomfortable to properly review. The bottom, Tampax Pearl super plus tampon however is amazing! I use these all the time, they have this extra protection on the string where its extra thread to catch any leakage. This is a plastic applicator so its super smooth to insert- which you would need since its slightly wider than normal tampons.

e28padThe last product I got is the Always Infinity pad in regular. I really like this brand because it’s not like any other pad. It’s a rubbery but fluffy to the touch kind of material that soaks up everything! If it clings to your body- this will absorb everything and not leak. It’s kind of fun to poke it sometimes when it’s full because then you’ll see all of the stuff it collected. Sounds kind gross doesn’t it? HAHA. Also, this has wings so it hold better to your body and apparently you can sleep on your side and it’ll still collect the stuff. I don’t recommend doing that but hey, you can try. I sleep on my side a lot so that’s why I prefer the tampon first then the pad in case it leaks.

Overall, this is a mini sample of trying tampons and pads out. If you’re new to this or if your daughter is new to this- perhaps it’s more convenient to order a couple of different brand and types to see what you/she likes instead of buying big boxes of each kind. Or if you already know what you want you can order in bulk and save money/packaging/shipping/time and etc. I love the idea for guys too because then you can let your girlfriend or wife pick out the stuff she wants without having you going out and buying them each month.

Honestly, I think this is purely for convenience unless you only want a little bit of everything. I think you should still check out Every28 though- just to see if you like what they have to offer. Another great reason why you should check it out is because Every28 donates a portion of their proceeds to help girls in third world countries with their monthly cycles.

If you have a question about a brand, please feel free to ask me a question! I’ve tried a bunch of brands before so I can tell you about my experience with it. Don’t be shy!


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