Bulu May 2014 Box

bulumayholdThis is my second box from Bulu Box. I haven’t really used any of the products in here but I think they have a great selection to be used in the future.

bulumaycardThere’s a great deal if you want to try Bulu Box. If you use my coupon code: BULUGAN455 and you can save 50% on any Bulu Box subscription. Normally, each box costs $10 so if you use the one time code- you’ll save a lot of money and earn points (which you can use to buy stuff in the Bulu store) but you have to be a new user. You can read more about it in my previous post.

Let’s see what the May box had!

Look at these cute “motivation” cards are…









bulumayvivVivioptal Multivitamin for Women. Retail: $22.99 for 30 capsules or $3.83 for 5 capsules.

They suggest that women 35 and up use this since they contain vitamins for “older” women. I thought 5 capsules was pretty generous since you only need one a day.

bulumaybioxgenicBioXGenic Nature’s Desire. Retail: $39.00 for 60 capsules or $1.30 for 2 capsules.

This is a one serving size sample but I’m kinda scared to try this! It’s all natural but they say you should take it daily to see improvement.
bulumayheadacheRidgeCrest Herbals Migraine Relief. Retail: $27.99 for 60 capsules or $2.80 for 6 capsules.

I don’t get too many headaches/migraines but I’ll let you know if it works. It’s all herbs but I’m not sure why it takes within an hour to work??

bulumayskratchSkratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix. Retail: $34.50 for 20 single packets $1.73 or for 1.

This is something I know I will use… I get dehydrated a lot so this will help retain and replenish my water intake! It’s a powder form so all you need to do is add it to a bottle of water.

bulumaycollagenYouTheory Collagen. Retail: $16.99 for 290 tablets or $0.18 for 3 tablets.

This isn’t even a full day’s worth so I’m not sure I’ll see results. The main benefit from collagen we all know is that it makes our skin look younger. Collagen is also used to improve hair and nails, they also added joint, ligament, and tendon benefits.

bulumayhhAdvanceMint Happy Hour. Retail: $24.00 for 6 packets or $8.00 for 2 packets.

I’m glad I got two samples because these babies will help with hangovers! They recommend you take two for every 3 drinks… so I don’t know how many one person would actually take if they’re going out for the night!

bulumaygummySmarty Pants All-in-One Kids Gummy Multivitamin. Retail: $21.99 for 120 gummies or $0.73 for 4 gummies.

These are everywhere! I enjoy eating these- even though they are made for kids!  I love they gave me 4 gummies to munch on.

My total Bulu box value is $18.57 but if you use my coupon code: BULUGAN455 you can pay $5 or less for a box. You can only use it once for a new email/user so use it wisely. Anyone who’s looking to buy vitamins for their daily life should check out this subscription because you’ll get to try different things and use the points to get you a free bottle or two. Check out my other post to learn more about the point system!


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