Mystery Chocolate Box June 2014 Review

junemchocoholdI was SUPER excited for my Mystery Chocolate Box to arrive- I LOVE CHOCOLATE! It smelled so good I did my best to take pictures before devouring all the chocolates for myself. Just kidding, I shared some. 😉

The Mystery Chocolate Box includes 3 full sized gourmet chocolate  bars- totally mysterious so that your family/friends/co-workers/anyone to try and guess what’s the secret ingredient(s). Once you think you got it- you head over to their link and put in your guess and see if you won! If you’re not allergic to nuts- I would totally you recommend you checking out this new chocolate box.

Let’s jump right to the box!


The chocolate came wrapped with foil and it had these two ice packs in it. My ice packs wasn’t cold anymore but my chocolates didn’t melt or anything so I dove right in! Each bar had a distinct wrapper (aside from the outside paper) and it had a piece of paper telling us the allergy related ingredients for each bar (in case someone can’t eat something with peanuts or almonds and such).

maymchoco1The first chocolate I tried was Bar A, it took me several tastings to really enjoy/figure out the distinct flavors. I didn’t like it at first but with each bite, I grew more fond of the different notes. At first, you taste the fruitiness and the blend of the dark chocolate, then you get a crunch from a different ingredient, and then you taste the after-taste of the final note which gave it a little kick. My other “taste testers” didn’t taste the kick but that’s because they love eating spicy foods. I however don’t eat too many spicy foods so I can taste the faint heat. This bar was definitely unique and something I haven’t tried before. I don’t want to give away my guess just yet but once they post up the answer- I will share you my guess.


Bar B was a simple but delicious treat as well, the more I tried it the different guesses I came up with. It took several tastings for me to give my best guess. The main ingredient was a dark chocolate like the first bar. It had a distinctive “crunch” to it which made me think it was a nut. I love dark chocolate so this bar wasn’t extra sweet like most but it wasn’t bitter either. This is my second favorite, for sure.


Bar C was my least favorite- it was still good but it’s not my preferred choice. This is clearly a milk chocolate bar with a nut inside. My mom and I had trouble figuring out which kind of nut it was but you can taste the aroma of it in the chocolate it self. I think I developed or probably had a nut allergy but never really paid attention to the reaction I got every time I ate certain nuts. It’s not a life or death reaction but my throat gets “itchy”. It tastes like almonds but it has a hazelnut aroma- so I’m not sure there’s both nuts in there.

I did the tasting with my family and my hubby and it was so much fun trying to figure it out. I know this box is new, but I hope they have a shop/link to re-order your favorite chocolate bars in case you really like the chocolates.

I was trying to find a reasonably priced chocolate box for awhile- I would consider getting this box for myself. You get 3 full bars of really good and unique chocolates instead of tiny ordinary samples.

If you want to order a box, visit Mystery Chocolate Box and pick your subscription. The more you order, the more you save.


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