July 2014 Ipsy Sneak Peeks!

In case you haven’t figured out the Ipsy’s July 2014 sneak peeks…. here they are!


JULY 2014 GLAM BAG SNEAK PEEK #1: Cream or powder? That’s a slippery question. Which of these products do you hope makes a splash in your Glam Bag this month?

5in1bareMinerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow Broad Spectrum SPF 15. Retail: $18.00 for .10 oz.

I’ve never seen a bb cream for eyeshadow before so I’m curious how it looks. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind either of these picks.

bmshadowbareMinerals READY® Eyeshadow 2.0. Retail: $20.00.

This picture is a sample of one of the color choices they have but I’m pretty sure our sample won’t have the brush included- still it’s a great product! I love how bare Minerals never use harsh ingredients. =]


JULY 2014 GLAM BAG SNEAK PEEK #2: One of these amazing picks will help protect your summer skin while the sun’s out! What summer activity will be keeping you under the sun this season?

Hang 10 Dark Tanning Oil SPF 08. Retail: 8 oz. for $11.99.

I’m not a fan of tanning- anything since I’m sorta dark for being Asian. I do like that they have two kinds of products- one for tanning and one for sunblock. The picture on the left is a full size version but the sample will probably be 1 oz.

pur_protect-400x800_largePur-lisse Pur~protect SPF 30. Retail: 1.7 oz for $55.00.

This brand seems to be very popular in many subscription boxes… not that it’s not a great product or anything but we’ve seen these two same brands in the last bag. Again this is the full size version.


JULY 2014 GLAM BAG SNEAK PEEK:#3 We’re cooking up something hot this month! Which two of these amazing beauties do you want to help add extra flavor to your summer beauty menu?

pixibalm2pixibalmPixi Beauty Tinted Brilliance Balm. Retail: $14.00.

I love Pixi products! They have a neutral color on the site so hopefully Ipsy is giving out more than two colors!

realmasBenefits They’re Real Mascara. Retail: .14 oz for $10.00.

I’ve tried this before and it’s very hard to come off. It makes my lashes too hard but the mascara bottle lasts a long time (over 3 months). I got it from Sephora’s birthday gift probably two years ago (left it alone for a year) and it still has a nice smooth application.

emtintsElizabeth Mott Tints & Sass Lip Tint in Cherry. Retail: $22.99.

I’m not a fan of the cherry color tint since it seems like every cheek/lip tint comes in this color. Also, the price of this is ridiculously high!

Pur Minerals Pur Big Look Waterproof Mascara. Retail: .17 oz for $20.00.

I really want to try this mascara- its paraben free and waterproof. I’d like to test it out since I’m obsessed with waterproof anything. This will probably be a deluxe sample.

Lord and Berry Eyeliner. Retail: $15.00-$20.00.

I’m not sure which eyeliner this is but they have a few variations. I’m sure these will be in black.

whetWhet Nail Lacquer in Facetious. Retail: 0.5 oz for $15.00.

I’ve never heard of this brand before but it looks like Ipsy has a bunch of these… I think this will be full size but the top is white and not black like in the picture so I’m not sure…

Popbeauty_Dev-1399923003-Sunkissed-Bronzer-04MAR14-webPop Beauty Sunkissed Bronzer. Retail: $10.00

I thought this was a repeat of a previous bag but it’s actually a bronzer not the trio eyeshadow palette.

modelsownModels Own It Polish in Red Sea – Splash. Retail: $8.50.

This looks like a fun nail polish! Lots of bright reds and sparkles!

nailtiniNailtini Nail Polish in Mango Rita, pearl. Retail: $13.00.

This almost looks like the Champagne polish from a previous bag but this looks lighter and pearlish. Lots of nail polish this month!


JULY 2014 GLAM BAG SNEAK PEEK #4: Nothing but lemonade in this summer bunch! Which one of these fabulous products are you hoping will sweeten up your summer?

dermaeDerma-e BB Cream SPF 25. Retail: 2 oz for $29.50.

I loved the microderbrasion scrub from last bag so I’m sure this will be great too. I need more coverage but bb creams can be used under foundation too so your skin can soak up all those great benefits.

Befine Skin Care SPF 15. Retail: 1.7 oz for $24.00 or 1.5 oz for $21.18.

I believe this is a moisturizer with a ton of benefits. I love skincare and this one has SPF too!

citrusgingerlotionFaith Aromatherapy Citrus Ginger lotion. Retail: 8.5 oz for $17.99 or 1 oz for $2.12.

This lotion sounds heavenly! I could use this since my skin is super dry and it’s organic too! 😉

fe6d14829f418b8912d8eee189ba0abd.image.187x400Marrakesh Endz Split End Mender. Retail: 4 oz for $17.99 or 1 oz for $4.50.

I have a feeling I will be getting this in my bag, I’ve had the damaged/split ends in my profile forever. I don’t use any heat tool for my hair but I get a lot of split ends.

soyhairSexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray. Retail: 5.1 oz for $19.95 or 1.7 oz for $6.65.

I’ve been wanting this for awhile so I actually got the hair oils from eDivv.com which is a site where you can trade your unwanted samples. I wouldn’t mind getting this spray though- I haven’t tried it yet.

whetWhet Nail Lacquer in Facetious. Retail: 0.5 oz for $15.00.

Does this look familiar?? It looks similar but I think this one is more blue than violet like the other one.

lavilinLavilin Jojoba Gel Cream. Retail: 100 ml for $21.00.

Jojoba is great for your skin especially for acne prone skin.

The last item seems to be covered up pretty well and it’s cut off so I have NO idea what it is! Looks like we’ll find out when the glam room opens up.



JULY 2014 GLAM BAG SNEAK PEEK #5:Catch some sun. Catch the waves. This month’s bright Glam Bag will be sure to catch eyes! Now tell us – can you guess this month’s theme?

My guess is something nature-y since your got the sun protection and waterproof stuff or maybe enhancing nature? There’s a lot of natural products and stuff to enhance natural beauty.


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