June 2014 Bulu Box


Ahh! I’m behind! It’s been super busy lately with all of the stuff going on so I haven’t had the time to review all these awesome products on time. But I’m doing my best to get out these reviews…


You usually get 5 items but I always get more. It’s similar to Birchbox but with health & fitness. It’s $10 a month and you get points for reviewing and buying products as well.

So for June’s Bulu box I got a bunch of “samples”:

junebuluupliftNLA For Her Uplift. Retail: $39.99 for 40 servings or $1.00 a serving.
I got Raspberry Lemonade, its a powdered drink designed to enhance muscles to workout better and give you more energy.

junebuluironpur-Absorb Iron. Retail: $21.99 for 28 packets or $1.60 for 2 packets.
I really need more iron in my diet but I HATE taking pills so this is perfect for me. They recommend you add it to a drink like orange juice.

junebulurescueBach Flower Remedies Rescue Pearls. Retail: $12.99 for 28 capsules.
I have been super stressed so this came at a perfect time. All you do is pop one pearl and let it melt on your tongue. They actually gave me a full size “sample”, score!

junebulufigNature’s Bakery Whole Wheat Raspberry Fig Bar. Retail: $12.48 for 12 bars or $1.04 for one bar.
I have to say, this was the first thing I grabbed and ate right away. It’s super yummy and moist- I’m so buying more!

junebulusugarsflavCid Botanicals Stevia. Retail: $13.99 for 100 packets or $0.56 for 4 packets.
This is flavored substitute sugar you can add to your drink- must be a theme!

junebuluaminodPurus Labs AminOD Essential Amino Acid Repletion Drink. Retail: $59.95 for 30 servings or $2.00 for 1 serving.

This is a flavored-powdered energy drink for your workout. I got Strawberry Limeade so all you need to do is pour it in a bottle of water and drink it when you workout.

$100.00 Gift Card to nakedwine.com. Retail: $100.00.
I’m not a big wine person and I’ve gotten these before however I won’t use this. There’s no way I’m spending $100+ on wine!

My box was worth $19.19 without the $100 gift card. Normally a box costs $10.00 but I have a 50% off coupon code! Just click on my link and put the coupon code:BULUGAN455 in the promo code box. You can only use this code once so use it wisely!



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