June 2014 PinchMe, OishiiBox, and Stunner of the Month Reviews

Since I’m kind of behind in my June subscription boxes- I decided to combine my other June boxes. There’s a PinchMe box- a free sample box, OishiiBox- a Japanese Candy Box, and Stunner of the Month- a (first) free sunglasses box.

junepmholdjunepmdoveIf you don’t know what a PinchMe box is, take a look at my previous posts… basically you get free samples when you fill out a survey and review your products. Every first tuesday of the month they add new products so you better hurry and scoop up the goods while they last. My June PinchMe had the Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner both 1 oz each.

The description says it’s for thin hair that needs volume- I have thick hair and plenty of volume so the only benefit from this shampoo & conditioner would be moisture. I might trade this away but if not I’ll end up using it. I’m expecting a new PinchMe box soon so that will have 2 samples! They vary every month so you can get 3 samples in one month- it depends on your survey and points.

juneoshiiholdThe next box is a very exciting NEW subscription box! I love candy and Japanese candy was our thing when we were younger so this box brought back some memories. The June OishiiBox is $12 a month filled with all kinds of goodies.

juneoshiicardbackWhen I got my box I was so surprised there were so much packed in one box! So much that a few broke and were melted do to the hot weather. Aside from the melted snacks- I thought they were all yummy. Chocolate is chocolate. But yeah, the packing and inserts were carefully thought out. I really liked how they gave us a paper with the ingredients and names since some were in a different language.


Let’s get into the snacks…

juneoshiisaladUmaibou Vegetable Salad. I think I ate this but I don’t actually remembering eating it, HA! I’ve had this before in a mix with other treats. Its sweet and crunchy and the nuts is a nice blend with it too.

juneoshiiwafflepackagejuneoshiiwaffleLotte Waffle. This was definitely yummy, it came in two oval shaped waffles like an ice cream cone waffle but more buttery.

juneoshiisuperUmeboshi Hard Candy. If you love super sour candy this is for you! Man, I haven’t eaten sourheads in awhile and this was pretty sour.

juneoshiirabbitWhite Rabbit Creamy Candy. This was one of my childhood candy, its sweet and creamy and wrapped in thin rice paper since it can get a little sticky. It’s kind of like an asian style tootsie roll.

juneoshiipandajuneoshiichocopandaChocolate Panda Biscuits. Oh man these are good- I’ve never tried them before but milk chocolate and white chocolate together in a panda sandwich is amazing! I have to look out for these next time I go to an Asian food market.

A few of the pandas grew hairdos! How adorable! =P

juneoshiipockywrapperjuneoshiipockyStrawberry Pocky. I love Pocky but I’m not a big fan of strawberry flavored treats because they have this artificial taste to it. I still ate even though my sticks were all broken, can’t waste candy!

juneoshiiseabackOtsumamu 10 Sen Baked Rice Crackers. This was an interesting treat, if you love seafood this will hit the spot. It has a bunch of different fish crackers, dried sardines, and such.

juneoshiistrawjuneoshiistrawwrapperKameda Kakinotane Wasabi Snack. I’m not sure I got this in my box but I’m not a big fan of wasabi so I’m okay with that. I got this straw cookie snack so maybe that’s the replacement? I was expecting a rice snack but it turned out to be corn. It’s light and fluffy and crunchy.

juneoshiikoala juneoshiikaolawrapperLotte Koala’s March. Yum, I also love these as a kid. Who doesn’t love eating cute koala bears with chocolate inside?

juneoshiiskitkatStrawberry Kit Kat. Again, this was one of the candy that melted but it still tasted like a normal strawberry flavored candy kit kat.

juneoshiigtkitkatMatcha Green Tea Kit Kat. I LOVE that they gave me two because these are addicting. I’ve bought several bags already and lemme tell you these are not cheap it’s about $10+ for a bag of 15 mini ones like these.

juneoshiicrunchMatcha Green Tea Crunch. I love green tea anything so this is a hit. I drink green tea almost everyday too. It might be going overboard but I love my green tea!

juneoshiimelonFusen Melon Gum. Another fav from the past… these gum balls are not the typical American gum balls, they are silky and gets sweeter as you chew it (then eventually loses flavor like a normal gum). It has a crunchy exterior and when you chew it its all nice and soft and delicious- melon is not my favorite flavor but I love the orange one. They come in pack of variety so you can taste all the fruits like strawberry, orange, melon and grape.

juneoshiilotteLotto Choco Pie. This isn’t my favorite treat to eat since its super sweet. it’s light and fluffy with marshmallow in the center and its covered in a thin layer of chocolate. So think of it like a mini chocolate-marshmallow cake.

juneoshiibabyBaby Cookie Snack. I also love these as a kid- my favorite way to eat them is to put a bunch in my mouth and suck the air out of them and moisten the biscuits with saliva and eat it that way. It sounds kinda gross when I say it but if you just eat them the way it is- it’s super dry.

juneoshiieraserI also a non-edible treat- this eraser is so darn cute! How can I use this??

Overall I’m impressed with my box, for $12 it’s a bit much but you get to experience different types of treats so in a way it’s worth it to some people. I grew up in eating asian candy so I already loved most of the candies I got. Typically these candies come in a big bag so you’re paying about $5-$10 for a big bag so if you’re not familiar with asian candies this is a great starter box. Plus, they donate a portion of their proceeds to UNICEF. =]

junestunnerNext up, is June’s Stunner of the Month…it normally costs $9 a month but you can get your first pair free with a referral. This month, I got a cheetah inspired sunglasses. Honestly, these sunglasses doesn’t seem to fit my personality at a first glance but I’ve learned to adapt to it. This has a nice heaviness to it so the quality is better than some sunglasses. And the UV lenses aren’t too dark so it’s great for a mildly sunny day (if that makes sense). I love the pouch it came in- I actually used it for my phone since I haven’t bought a case yet. If you want your free pair just use this link and put “Jenny Hang” as your referral.

That’s it for June! Lot’s of great stuff coming up for July so stay tuned!



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