August 2014 Reviews (Julep, Birchbox, & Ipsy)

Hello Lovlies, I promised to post my August subscriptions reviews before August ended so here you are:

augjuleplayoutaugjuleplinerJulep’s August box was okay, I got a Gel Eye Glider in Smoky Taupe Shimmer (Retail:$16.00) which was surprisingly nice. It lasted a long time and barely smudged which is rare for my eyes. I wish it was more brownish- like taupe should be because this color looks more purple than neutral. It doesn’t look that shimmery but I guess if you layer it on pretty thick you’ll get the shimmery look. I use this on my waterline since it creates the illusion of a soft, fuller lower lashes look.

augjuleppaletteAnother item I got was the Sweep Eyeshadow Palette: Neutrals (Retail:$24.00), this was kind of disappointing because mine arrived messy (like with dirty-eyeshadow-fingerprints on the package and the eyeshadows looked as if they were swatched before). I contacted Julep and they sent me a new one except that arrived broken… it’s okay because I didn’t really like the colors anyway.

I was in a neutral palette hunt and it didn’t have the colors I wanted. I’m a medium now since it’s summer so for me-it wasn’t a nice palette for summer. I was hoping for a more warmer palette… the lightest color was yellowish so at least that can be used. The 3 middle colors looked pretty similar so it just looked muddy with all of them in one look. They are pretty dark so I think it looks nicer on light skin for that smokey look. I would use a fluffy brush with these colors since they are pigmented and tend to get muddy if you blend them too much. Maybe I’ll like them in the future- who knows.

This box was worth $40.00 and the box is $20.00 a month so it was worth it I suppose. I’m getting a September box as well so that should be better. =]

DSC07169This month’s theme for Birchbox is Lighten Up. I haven’t tried any of my products yet since I’m drowning in all the samples I’ve been getting so it’s going to take some time going through all of my goodies. I REALLY liked that Birchbox has been giving me mostly if not all natural products lately. If it has parabens- I won’t use it. Birchbox is now letting us CHOOSE an item to be in our boxes now. Also, you can add bonus beauty product(s) too. I think it’s a great idea… who doesn’t want to know what’s in their box? Not me, I’m a peeker.

DSC07165Harvey Prince Ageless – Pink Grapefruit. 100ml for $98.00 (I couldn’t find the amount of liquid I got but it’s slightly bigger than the typical perfume spray samples.)
It has a fresh grapefruit scent with other fruity scents as well. I like it! I don’t normally buy perfumes so I keep these samples to freshen up every once in awhile when I forget to spray myself in the morning.

DSC07167Noir Cosmetics Long-Wear Eyeliner Retail: $15.00.
I love eyeliners but its gotten to a point where I get so many (buying and from samples) that I don’t even need anymore for my lifetime. My eyes are pretty complicated since they are oily so non-smudging eyeliners- smudge on me. So even though I do buy eyeliners a lot- I buy them to see if they actually are smudge-proof. I did pick this out for this box so it will be tested!

DSC06958Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream in Acai Grapefruit Retail: $3.00 for .75 oz.
I don’t really use shaving cream anymore- I use my gel body wash so this will be in the giveaway pile. This is all natural btw. =]

DSC07168Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub Sea Kelp + CGF Retail: $3.75 for 1 oz.
I do love exfoliants but I really do have a lot of brighten products I’m currently using. I’ve learned my lesson exfoliating everyday and night so no more! I brighten/exfoliant every few days now.

DSC07166hello. Breath Spray Trio Retail: $3.83 for 1 spray.
Interesting product in my box, I sprayed this a few times but I am just not a fan of the after taste. It’s hard to describe but its not yummy at all to me. The inital spray was okay but the after taste kicked in and that was not pleasant, the final result seemed okay… I wouldn’t buy this though.

My box had a grapefruit/citrusy theme going on so that was nice to see. Even though I didn’t try all of them yet, I’m pretty happy with my box. My box was worth around $27.00 if you calculate everything so I love it.

augipsylayoutIpsy’s theme was Beauty Schooled so the items are to get you ready for the school year. Ipsy is also stepping their game this month because now you can view your bag even earlier! I wasn’t too excited when I saw what I was getting (because I already have similar items) but I was excited for one product…


Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Retail:$5.50 for .1 oz.

This was the one item I was most excited for because every mascara I’ve tried so far hasn’t really given me the results or look I wanted. I have about 5 open mascaras now so when I do use this- I’ll update this post.

augipsyporesDr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Retail:$11.25 for .25 oz.
I’ve gotten this several times from trading and my other subscription box but I tried to cut down on products on my face so I don’t use primer anymore. I feel like the more makeup I put on my face- the more it clogs up my pores thus creating more pimples and pore blockage. I believe you can use this over your makeup or under it but I haven’t used it yet.

augipsyshadowJ. Cat Beauty Flying Solo Eye Shadow Retail:$2.99 for 2.5 g.
I really liked this color however it has parabens so I cannot use it. I’ve been looking for a nude skin color eyeshadow but I need it to be paraben free. This would have been nice but it’ll be given away. I like that it also comes with a small mirror and an eyeshadow applicator.

augipsybalmJersey Shore Sun Mongongo Lip Conditioner Retail:$5.50 for .15oz.
More lip balms! I really don’t need them since I’ve gotten so many in the past… it smells lovely however I use more lipglosses than balms. Maybe when it gets colder they would be used more often.

augipsydryshampKlorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk Retail:$6.46 for 1.06 oz.
I also have many dry shampoos dry powder form and sprays. I don’t need it right now because my hair needs more oil than less oil so hopefully it’ll be useful later. I do like this brand though.

Bonus Products:
augipsydawnTeadora Rainforest at Dawn Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner Retail $10.00 both bottles for 2oz each.

These smell nice- they have a citrusy scent on top of the “rainforest’ smell.
augipsyduskTeadora Rainforest at Dusk Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner Retail $10.00 both bottles for 2oz each.

I’m not a fan of this scent- I feel like its more for a man- smell. Its more “woody” if that makes sense.
augipsypunkerArdency Inn PUNKER Original Smoky Shadow for Retail:$19.00 for .165 oz.

I bought the normal eyeliners and they do last awhile however they do smear throughout the day. I haven’t tried this yet so I’ll update you on it later.
augipsysugarliner augipsysharpenerSugar Line n Shine in Onyx Retail: $9.00 for .04 oz.

Ipsy had a crazy new bonus product frenzy so I decided to splurge on some products. This liner also comes with a sharpener!
augipsytiniTini Beauty Moisture-rich Straight Up Color lipstick in Plum Wine. Retail:$18.00 for .12oz.

This was a fall color but I decided to get it anyway since fall is coming up. The normal color is a deep purple but with flash you get this nice pink color.

My bag was worth $31.70 of products but I also redeemed bonus products so with those added to the bag it comes to $97.70.! Whoa. All of those extras is because of you guys! YOU ROCK. I will set up a giveaway pretty soon, don’t worry!

So that’s all for August 2014… I know I’ve been lacking in posts but I’m so busy with work! I’ll try my best to get back on the detailed individual posts for next month- there should be plenty of NEW reviews other than Birchbox and Ipsy. Also, I’m thinking of getting a domain and a shop store for unused items and possibly a 5 item bag full of mystery treats-what do you think?


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