MemeBox Special #26 OMG Box Review

septmemeboxholdI love Memeboxes! This Korean Skincare/Makeup box was a mix of full-sized products! This box doesn’t come monthly so you get the boxes you pay for. They have plenty of different themed boxes so if you really want one, you better scoop one up quick because they run out pretty fast.

Here’s what I got:


septmemeboxlayoutseptmemeboxbodyLadyKin Aqua Exfoliator for Body. Retail: $14.00 for 150ml. This is used after showering to get off the “grime” but if you were done showering shouldn’t you be clean? I’m not sure if this is something I would use but it’s like putting on water that makes the gross dead skin cells pill up and  then you can dust it off.

septmemeboxbustOh! My Busty!? Bust Care. Retail: $6.00 for 1 pack. Hmm… I think it’s a mask for your bust? I haven’t opened this yet but it seems a little… out there. You exfoliate using the cream, then put on the hydrating gel mask for 10-15 minutes and your bust should be nice and soft.

septmemeboxclayElizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. Retail: $46.00 for 100g. I love this thing! I have blackheads and this really makes my skin clear. I don’t have black heads anymore but I still have white heads which isn’t as bad as the black ones. I like how it bubbles up on your face. I use this every once in awhile because it’s super cleansing. You really don’t need much for it to work, just spread it on, let it bubble, and rinse with warm water.

septmemeboxstainSkinaz The Kissable Lip 24H Lip Tattoo. Retail: $18.00 for 13g. I didn’t use this but it seems harmful for your lips. It literally stains your lips and you can peel this off, just to put another layer on? I’m all for long lasting anything but my lips needs constant moisture so I don’t think it would last all day even with applying lip balm all day.

septmemeboxtabletsSkinaz Premium Vitablet. Retail: $46.00 for 39g. I haven’t tried this yet but it’s suppose to give you the nutrients like vitamin c needed for your face to look fresh and healthy. You drop one of these tablets into a bowl of water and gently rinse your face. You can also use it as a face mist too to get that refreshed feel and look.

septmemeboxlipglosslightHope Girl Night Diva Gloss. Retail: $.. This is such a fancy lipgloss, it has two colors, a mirror, and a light built in! I wish Memebox would put up the ingredients on the site as well as the instructions and info they already have.

I was really impressed with the items in my Memebox even though I like a few of the items- they are well worth the price which is around $40 if you include the box with shipping. You get $106.00 worth of stuff! So in my opinion it’s totally worth it because my most favorite item costs more than the price of the entire box.

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