Birchbox September 2014 Review

septbbholdseptbbcardBirchbox’s September 2014 theme is Fresh Paint. The box has a super cute pattern and you get to pick an item in your box or pick a fashion pick box if you really like all the items they had. You can also choose extra items to add to your box but they change every month. It’s nice to have so many options! So let’s get to my box:


septbbclarkDear Clark Resurrecting Wash & Rinse. Retail: $5.65 for both 1 oz. bottles.
I wasn’t a fan of the smell since it kinda has a more manly scent. The shampoo and conditioner will mostly be given away even though my hair does need the moisture/repair/hydration.

septbbperfumeJuicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gold Couture. Retail: $1.35 for .05 oz.
I have so many fragrances its not even funny- I really don’t use perfumes all the time so I never really buy them. I get my stash from subscriptions boxes and christmas presents! There’s not too many smells that bother me so this isn’t one of them. It’s a keeper but I kinda just throw them in a container.

septbbshisheidoShiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate. Retail: $21.67 for 10 ml.
I picked this item out of all the choices Birchbox gave me because I love skincare and this brand. It feels super nice on my skin and I use before my serums/moisturizers and after toning so that my skin soaks this up first. This has some skin nutrients but mostly this is for prepping your skin to enhance any serums you put on afterwards. I like to think this does wonders since my skin is dry most of the time. When I use products like these my skin is less dry throughout the day! YAY!

septbbteptuTemptu S/B Highlighter in Champagne Shimmer. Retail: $2.75 for .1 oz.
I can’t use this since it has parabens but I tend to stay away from pinkish highlighters since I want a golden glow. I went to the department store (Macy’s) and they used a pink highlighter under my eyes to brighten them up but I wasn’t a fan of the look. Of course I didn’t tell my make-up artist that, but I rather use a golden shimmer to cover up my dark circles. Of course I haven’t found the right one so far.

My total box value came out to $31.42, not bad but not the best box for me. Most people don’t like shampoo and conditioner combos because it literally takes up 2 samples rather than one so in this case I feel the same way. I rather have leave-in conditioner or hair masks just because I have so much shampoo already but BB doesn’t have that option. My one year subscription anniversary is coming up in October so I might not re-subscribe since Birchbox tends to send you gift deals if you re-subscribe. I’ve been saving some serious Birchbox points so I just used some to get more great products for FREE! So stay tuned. =]


One thought on “Birchbox September 2014 Review

  1. I picked the same skincare product and really enjoy it. I love getting skincare in my boxes cause they are sooooooo expensive (it’s a nice luxury). PLUS with this one, a little goes a longggg way 🙂

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