Graze September 2014 Review

septgrazeholdI’ve started using Graze again! YAY! As you may or may not know, your first Graze box is FREE! So if you haven’t already, sign up by using my link and get your 1st and 5th box free. Each box is normally $6 but if you get a friend/family member to join (for their free box) you can get $1 off or donate it to the School of Farm Program.
They have a new deluxe box coming out soon so I’m SOO excited for that to come out. I’ve actually emailed them before about a bigger box/bag for the snacks we love so I’m happy they finally did it. The “big box” is still pending so I’m on the waiting list…

So let’s see some new snack Graze has given this month:
septgrazelayoutseptgrazeflapjackBrownie Flapjack, a rustic rolled oat flapjack with brownie chunks. I love their flapjack bars because they are so moist and chewy. They really do fill me up and kind of leaving me wanting more!

septgrazepopcloseTwist of Black Pepper Popcorn, if you know me I LOVE popcorn so I’m sure this is amazing! I’ve been adding salt and pepper to my popcorn and it pumps up the flavor so it’s not too buttery-not that its a bad thing 😉 This is a mini size so it’s great afternoon snack.

septgrazesalsaSalsa Corn Chips, I love chips but I felt like these chips is not enough… it’s tiny and there’s so little!

septgrazefudgeSalted Fudge and Peanut cookie, baked salted peanuts, fudge pieces, mini chocolate cookies and redskin peanuts. These were pretty yummy as well however I thought I would taste more “peanut butter” but looking back on it- the ingredient never said peanut butter. The cookies weren’t super crunchy like the other cookies I’ve tried it had a crunchy exterior yet the inside was soft. The overall mix was pretty yummy since the fudge pieces were tiny and not overly sweet. They were actually nice and soft fudge pieces- I wouldn’t mind eating them by itself.

I actually love Graze boxes since I’m a HUGE snacker, I just wish the portions were bigger. But they are coming out with a bigger bag version so I can’t wait for that. So if you haven’t already get your free box to your home and to your work 😉 if you love snacks. Just make two accounts with two different emails. You don’t need to pay for anything for your first box- if you don’t want to get anymore boxes you can cancel or skip whenever you want.

Happy Snacking!


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