Ipsy September 2014 Review with Coupon Codes!

septipsyholdThis month’s theme is Street Style so there’s some fashion statement pieces and skincare too. I like that they add in skincare because even though some prefer just makeup, you need to take care of your skin too. Ipsy has been improving more and more each month so no you can take a peek in your bag before the glam room reveal! When you sign up and go to the Ipsy site they’ll show you how to see your bag early. The bag only cost $10 a month or you can buy a year’s worth and get one month free! You get more points and it brings you closer to getting bonus products. =]

So let’s jump into my bag:

septipsylayoutseptipsyhairAlterna Haircare CAVIAR CC Cream 10-in-1 Complete Correction. Retail: $8.50 for .85 oz.
I actually got this from trading with another person so I guess it’s nice that I have more. I’ve been getting a lot of hair care products because my hair is super dry and coarse. I like all the benefits in this cream so I’ll definitely use this up.

septipsybrushCrown Brush Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush. Retail: $17.50.
I’m so excited to get this because I was thinking about getting the Urban Decay smudge/blending brush so his came at a great time. It’s not exactly the brush I wanted to buy but I’ll make it work. The bristles are nice and soft so they blend pretty nice.

septipsylipstickHikari Lipstick in Cabernet. Retail: $13.00 for 13 oz.
I wasn’t too excited about this because I usually don’t wear red lipstick. In normal lighting its deep red but in flash it looks deep pink. I might give this away since this product has parabens in it. Plus, it’s full sized.

septipsypacificaPacifica Natural Water-Proof Eye Pencil. Retail: $5.50? for .026 oz.
I have so many liners so this might get used later on or given away. I do like Pacifica because they are all natural. The color I got is brown but it feels too harsh on my lids so I won’t be using this.

septipsyfacewashNourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser. Retail: $2.33 for 1 oz.
This wasn’t my top pick to get but I’ll use it. I have a ton of cleansers so this will be added to the collection for when my face needs more moisture. After using this twice, it really doesn’t do much moisturizing my face like my current cleanser. It’s super watery and when I rinse- it make my face dry. I won’t be using this since it doesn’t take off my waterproof makeup and it doesn’t leave my face more moist. Did anyone else have this issue?

Bonus Products:

septipsybonuslashesMiss Adoro Eyeshadow duo & Lashes/glue. Retail: $11.00.
The eyeshadow is silky, the has the reverse undertone of each other color so the white eyeshadow has pink shimmer and the pink eyeshadow has white shimmer. The lashes is 100% human hair and comes with the glue.


Bodyography Clear Foundation Primer. Retail: $30.00.
This has no parabens and it helps with wrinkles and fine lines and evens out your skin tone over time! I have a ton of primer so it could be awhile till I get to this. I really do have a makeup addiction…

So that’s my bag, it’s not bad but I’m not in love with it. I do however love the bag- I love studs! My bag was worth $46.83 for just the 5 products. With my bonus products it’s another $41.00! That’s $87.83 total in my September bag! =] Please use my link if you choose to subscribe, thanks in advanced!

I know you guys miss these, so here are the coupon codes:

FallBeauty: 20% off any purchase at pacificabeauty.com

IPSY20: 20% off any purchase + FREE Shipping at alternahaircare.com

CROWNIPSY30: 30% off any purchase of $25 or more at crownbrush.us

HIKARI30: 30% off any purchase at hikaricosmetics.com

IPSY30: 30% off any Nourish Organic Facial Product at nourishorganic.com

FALLPROOF: 35% off NYX Proof it! Waterproof Eye Shadow Primer at nyxcosmetics.com

DARING: 20% off any purchase of $50 or more at Avon.com

IPSY30: 30% off any purchase + FREE Coco Delight Lip Gloss at beabombshellcosmetics.com

CUDWDFAA: 15% off any purchase at beautywithoutcruelty.com

IPSYSEP14: FREE SHIPPING at briogeohair.com

IPSYGIFT: 20% off any purchase + 2 FREE Deluxe Samples of Pure Lust Lip Tint at cailyncosmetics.com

hbipsy: 50% off any purchase at harvebenardbeauty.com

HARVEYLOVESIPSY: 30% off any purchase at harveyprince.com

IPSY9: 15% off any purchase at leeanni.com

IPSY22: 20% off any purchase at mitchellandpeach.com


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