Love With Food September 2014 Review

septlwfholdThis is probably my most favorite box to try from Love With Food. September is “Spice up Your Life”… you can smell the spices through the plastic wrapped box! I love seasoning and flavor in my snacks so let’s see what we have…


septlwfchiliSimply So Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips by Way Better Snacks. These weren’t spicy at all but sweet and pepper-zesty. It definitely had spices and should be eaten with a plain dip. I really like these chips!

septlwfspiceFogg City Spice Co. Lemon Rosemary Seasoning. I love rosemary and I think lemon works well with rosemary if you’re adding it to chicken or chicken stock soup.

septlwfhempZiggy Marley Organics Hemp Rules Roasted Hemp Seeds. I was pretty scared to try hemp seeds but the more I ate them the more I began to love it! Never would I imagine to eat hemp seeds. They are small round bead like seeds with a bit of seasoning. It’s super crunchy with a nutty after taste and a bit addicting.

septlwfgreenAmazing Grass Green Superfood. I haven’t tried this but its filled with vitamins and nutrients you can add to water, juice, or even cooking/baking, I don’t think this has a flavor.

septlwfcandyShotwell Candy Co. Spice Caramels. I can’t remember what spices was in these but I did not like them and threw them out before tasting it. I guess I prefer my caramels in simple flavors.

septlwfsoyMaruso Ghost Soy Sauce. This is a super concentrated soy sauce so it’s not your typical liquidy soy sauce. It has a thick sauce with a kick.

septlwfcookieMandy’s Rich Chocolate Cookie Thins. I love these, give me a chocolate cookie and I will most likely love it. It’s light and crunchy and super yummy. I think there were four of these in here? I don’t remember but I do remember offering to share and hoping they declined. :X

septlwfpopcornLive Your Life Churro Kettle Corn. I really liked these because I love popcorn and adding sugar and cinnamon makes it even more yummy. I ordered a box full of them and for some reason every bag was stale! =( I tried to eat as many bags but I had to toss out most of them. If they weren’t covered in the churro topping- it wasn’t crunchy so I didn’t even eat them.

This was a nice experimenting box- not too many people like spices so this really shows you all the different kinds and mixes. If you want to test the Love With Food box out they have two other boxes, one gluten free and the other is a larger box. It starts at $10.00 and goes as high as $$24.50 per month

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