October 2014 Birchbox Review

octbbholdoctbbcardI’m sad to say that this is my last Birchbox box to review! My yearly subscription is over and I feel like I had enough Birchbox samples. However, I might resubscribe later on if I see any great deals.

My Fanfare themed box had:


octbbelloviEllovi Vanilla Butter. Retail: $7.43 for 1 oz. I enjoy skincare products like these but the samples are pretty small. It has the same texture as coconut oil so I might keep this in my on the go bag incase I need a quick lotion.

octbbjouerJouer Matter Tint in Nude. Retail: $4.00 for .17 oz. I don’t really use primers but I do try it out every once in awhile under my makeup when I need extra coverage. Again these sizes are good for a couple-of-days-away kind of thing so I like to prepare several bags of samples for a certain amount of days when I travel.

octbbpowerlashModelCo POWERLASH High Impact Black Mascara. Retail: ~$10.00 for 5ml. More mascara! Since I have so many they’ve been collecting in boxes, I honestly believe I don’t need to ever buy more makeup since these samples literally pile up. It’s an obsession I can’t help. Knowing myself I’ll still buy full-sized makeup even though my samples are already plenty enough!

octbbojonOjon Rare Blend Oil Hair Therapy. Retail: ~$5.00 for .25 oz or $35.00 for 1.5 oz. I always put extra oil on the ends of my hair after my shower so my split ends can heal. You don’t need much but this blend is nice because when you mix it up- it becomes a more solid oil. This sample was bigger than a typical perfume sample maybe 4 times bigger?

octbbvasantiVasanti Cosmetics BrightenUp! Enzymetic Face Rejuvantor. Retail: $5.67 for 20g. I switch every other rejuvanting/regenterating scrubs for my face because I want to smooth out my blemishes/dark spots. You probably shouldn’t use a scrub every other day but for me I like to do that and mix in a regular face wash to reduce the abrasiveness. Plus, the ingredients say it help regenerate cells so maybe it’s not too bad using it every other day…

But yeah, my Birchbox was worth $32.10 so that’s not too shabby. I thought this was a great box- I like how I can use everything. I’ll miss getting extra skincare products but I have plenty to last me for awhile. I tend to buy full sized skincare products too so maybe that’s why I don’t use up all my samples lol.


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