NEW Subscription Box October 2014 Sudz Club

octsudzcardI got another new subscription box called Sudz Club, they send you a bag full of full-sized toiletries products with some traveled sized items as well. This package was HEAVY so I know it was filled with good stuff.

Sudz Club lets you pick from 2 plans: a basic plan for $20/$30 or a premium plan for $35/$50 depending how many months you want to subscribe for. So if you’re sending a care package for someone it’ll send out at the beginning of each month.


I got this cute halloween canvas bag- fyi don’t wash and dry this it’ll shrink to half the size- whoops!


octsudzcupgoodsoctsudzsnack octsudzcherries octsudzteeth octsudzvamp octsudzbatrings octsudzbatoctsudzpolishNutriShop Shaker filled with Halloween goodies like Asian variety crackers, dark chocolate covered cherries, kid vampire fangs, bat rings, bat/vampire whistles, and a NanaCoco nail polish. Wow. I loved the shaker it’s great any drinks. The mesh strains any big chunks so that’s great for smoothies. The “indulge exceptional snacks” was more of a childhood snack- I’ve had these before as a kid so eating these brought back memories. One thing I didn’t expect were these wasabi peas- dang they were spicy! The dark covered cherries were delicious as well they were big pieces so I definitely enjoyed each piece. The halloween toys were a bit small for me but I appreciated the thought. The nail polish though was a beautiful color- not halloweeny but I love the color teal.

octsudztoothColgate Triple Action Toothpaste and Toothbrush. These were full sized items! I will totally use this for when I need to replace my toothpaste/tooth brush.

octsudzshaveGillette 2 Razors and Olay Satin Care Shaving Cream. Honestly I don’t use shaving creams anymore- any shower gel works for me. These might be for emergencies or for guests.

octsudzspeedLady Speed Stick in Powder Fresh. I think I’ve tried these in the trial versions so it was generous of them to send me a full sized version. It’s weird but I don’t use deodorants that often… I know it sounds gross but I don’t really do vigorous activities everyday to make me sweat.

octsudzshampcpndDaily Defense with Macadamia Oil Shampoo & Conditioner with Body Wash. These are not the typical shampoo- since my hair lacks moisture it has a lot of split ends so this oil enriched shampoo isn’t sudsy as most shampoos so it’s actually thicker and has a more gelish texture.

octsudzloofaMini Loofa and $5 in Sudz cash. I usually use the loofa when I’m away from home it’s compact enough for travel!

I really liked everything in my bag- they really captured my preferences and needs. I would suggest this for college students far away from home in need of a goodie bag to start their year off right.

On top of saving money (50% off) you also get more treats like gift cards or treats from Sudz Club sponsors.


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