Love With Food October 2014 Review

octlwfholdOctober Love With Food is Monster Mash themed snacks. I was hoping for some exciting Halloween snacks so here’s what I got:


octlwfbeansSurf Sweets Organic Jelly Beans. These were really yummy, there’s even a banana flavored jelly bean in there too! Taste like a regular jelly bean but made with all organic ingredients.

octlwfbuttersJustin’s Almond Nut Butter in Chocolate and Honey. Unfortunately I’m allergic to almonds so I couldn’t taste these. =( But you can use it instead of peanut butter.

octlwfbabainhaNutryvitta Cinnamon and Sugar Bananinha Banana Bar. I haven’t tried this yet either but I’m not a fan of banana unless it’s dried. For some reason I’ve been allergic to more nuts and fruits lately. Booo!

octlwffalafeloctlwffalefelchipFlamous Organic Original Falafel Chips. These are pretty seasoned but really dry if you don’t dip it in something. I might get some to dip in guacamole or sour cream next time. This could be something I buy if I see it in stores.

octlwfshortbreadClaire Squares Buttery Shortbread Squares. These look pretty dense but flakey and buttery at the same time, I’m sure it’ll taste great with coffee or tea.

octlwfcheeseJ&M Original Cheese Straws. I was really excited to try these but they are dry and too seasoned with cayenne pepper. Not my fav. Maybe it would taste better if it was blended into a fine powder and added to mac and cheese and the crust?

octlwfsnapeaCalbee Snapea Crisps. I loveee these I had them before and they are addicting for sure. It’s super light and crunchy.

This box had a lot of interesting snacks but I wasn’t super impressed. I think I got this box for free or $2.00 for a promo they sent me via email. You can sign up using my link and not buy a box and see if you’ll get the link too.

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