Wantable Intimates & Makeup Box October 2014 Reviews

octwantableholdWantable has more new boxes for all sorts of things! I have two new box reviews, one for intimates and the other- makeup. They have two other new subscriptions: fitness and style boxes so with a $20.00 stylist fee they pick out gym clothes or outfits with your preference. Whatever you keep is what you’ll be charged for and shipping is always free. But back to the intimates and makeup box…

I wanted to check out the makeup since I never tried it before. I have a ton of makeup but I’m interested in discovering new things. When you subscribe to Wantable you fill out a profile for the things you would like to get and things you don’t. It’s also to gauge your personality and preferences so someone can personal pick out items for you. You’ll get 3-5 items depending on the value of your items and you’ll always get more than you pay for. So here’s what I got:


octwantableglossVincent Longo Perfect Shine Lipgloss. Retail: $22.00. This is a bright orange-red with lots of shimmer lip gloss. I’m sure this would have look gorgeous on but I think it had parabens in them. This brand is pretty new to me so based on the price of this lip gloss this is one of those prestige brands.

octwantablefoundationMarsk Mineral Foundation in Fawn. Retail: $55.00. This is another good brand I never heard about either. For the amount of money this foundation cost I had to try it. The color didn’t look right just looking at it but it says it blends into your skintone and evens it out. I did a quick test and in natural lighting it doesn’t look that bad. I prefer a yellow undertone but this is neutral. A little goes a long way so on days I need light coverage I dust it over my bb cream and head out. This is all natural and has SPF naturally in it. I don’t think I’ll buy this brand just because it’s so expensive but it is good quality.
octwantablebrushGeri G. Canvas Brush. Retail: $22.00. This is a pretty compact brush that is dense so it’s good on the go. The bristles are so soft and I believe it is all natural and cruelty free. I have plenty of brushes so I’m not going to use this. I wanted to see what kind of tools they would put in the box.
octwantablelinerTarina Tarantino Eyelicity Glitter Liner. Retail: $16.00. I’ve had this brand in my BoxyCharm box before and I wanted to use it since it had good reviews and it’s a decent brand but I think I gave this away to a teenager. I thought the bright purple glitter liner suited her age better. I have one in black glitter too but I haven’t tried it either. For some reason I’m not a big glitter fan- shimmer is okay though.

So my total box was worth $115.00 but I only paid $36.00 for the box. I thought it was a great deal but I’m not that impressed. I was hoping for more excitement and new makeup. But I guess I got to see new makeup brands I never heard about.

This next box is the intimates box I really wanted cute and sexy underwear but something that covers me at the same time. The leggings and shapewear were things I wanted to see what they had. So here’s what they picked out:


octwantableredpantyReal Daphne Lace Hipster. Retail: $14.00. This is a burgundy color that see through lace. I loved how it looks and the hipster style covers just enough skin. Also the details of the lace is really pretty and delicate.

octwantableblackundieRene Rofe Read Between The Lines Pinstripe Boyshort. Retail: $12.00. This has a lot of coverage too but I think a small would fit better. It’s a bit loose but I still really like the design and style. The quality is really good too, nice and soft and I can tell it’ll last for years. I just need to find a bra that matches these, which shouldn’t be too hard.

octwantableshaperWaist Watcher Firm Control Shaping Bodysuit. Retail: $48.00. I “really” need one but I really wanted to see what they had just because I’ve shopped for this before and it was very expensive for me to get. I like that this one has a clasps for the bottom region for when you need to use the bathroom. Handy isn’t it? (Sorry the picture is actually the back so you only see the dip of the back and the butt grip. haha)

octwantableleggingModern Heritage Zipper Seamless Leggings S/M. Retail: $12.00. This was surprising very soft and nice to wear. The zipper on the bottom pant gets cold when it’s cold outside but it’s not a big deal. My only problem is that it stretched out where the butt is so I can’t wear it anymore. I know it sounds bad but I happen to work out in these pants and when I washed them I noticed it didn’t rip all the way through but you can see the seams stretched out. Shame, I really liked those pants. ;(

This box was filled with $86.00 worth of stuff, that’s pretty decent seeing how this box is $36.00. The shapewear really makes the box worth it. But I actually love the other items more! I love mystery boxes catered to your preferences, it’s like a present to yourself every month. =]

Wantable has a new feature where you can write a note to the person packing your box but that option wasn’t available when I ordered this box. I might do another makeup box and accessory box in the future. They tend to send you discount emails the next day when you fill out the profile preferences and don’t fully check out. 😉


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