NEW Subscription Box September/October 2014 Taste Japan

octcardTaste Japan is a Japanese candy box! Yumm. This was a Halloween themed box. Each box has an English candy description so you know what you’re eating. Each box is 15 euros or about $23 with shipping included. They take out money on the 20th of each month and shipping takes about 1-3 weeks after that.

I got my box in a small unmarked box, I believe this was a trial so they will have a box dedicated to their company eventually. Inside was filled a bunch of goodies. Some melted but still…

blkthunderocttjthunderBlack Thunder. This was one of my favorites, I love chocolate and this had chocolate cookies and graham crackers with extra chocolate inside and out. I wanted more of these but they were so tiny and delicious!

fishPukupuku Tai. This was a fish-shaped cracker sandwich with a fluffy chocolate mousse inside. Yum.

pineapplePokemon Candy. This surprisingly wasn’t a gum but a taffy candy in a form of a gum stick. It breaks up in your mouth when you chew it but then it comes together like taffy. I love pineapple!

butterrollPierre’s Roll Cake. Unfortunately this was opened so my roll was dried and grossly hard. Yes, I made up a word =p

sweetpotatosweetpotatocloseSatsuma Riko.I also like sweet potatoes however these potato straws were a little too hard but crunchy for my liking. But the flavor was there. There was a bunch of straws in there but I think I tried some then took a picture.

cuttlefishNosi Umi San. I was dreading tasting this but I don’t eat cuttlefish and even when I opened it it smelled horribly like vinegar… it tasted like it too then had a gross aftertaste of the cuttlefish. Definitely not a like or favorite.

graperopeShuwabo Grape. I haven’t tried this but I’m sure I’ll get my sugar fix with this gummy grape rope. It looks like there’s another gummy center, guess I’ll never know…

mushroomboxmeltedmushKiniko no yama Creamy Pumpkin. I think I would’ve liked this a lot but my box came melted and it just had too much of the pumpkin chocolate mixture in my chunks of melted mushroom biscuits/chocolate.

candyshotChusha Ame. This is a fun concept, I haven’t tried this either but I might just give it to a kid to have fun.

mickeydisneyDisney Halloween Cookies. Yumm these were another favorite, it’s the typical american snack we have here in the asian stores but these had Disney characters on them and CHOCOLATE!

pumpkinkitkatPumpkin Pudding Kitkat. Like I said, I love pumpkin so we had two! One for baking in the oven to warm it up a bit and one for sharing… or eating it for yourself…

This was a really nice taste box of Japanese candy. I’m a snacker so give me any snacks and I’ll try it out. =]


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