November 2014 Boxy Charm Review

novboxyholdThis is my second BoxyCharm box! They send you 4-5 full-sized beauty products each month for $21.00. If you subscribe for the year, you get a month free so you only pay for 11 months. The items in each box does not vary much, but you might get a different color but the product stays the same for everyone. There is a Charm rewards system so if you refer or review items in the box you get points to redeem full-sized bonus items that’ll be shipped out in your next box. Each box is billed on the 1st to 5th so if you want the box you should subscribe before the month begins. For my November 2014 Sparkle and Shine BoxyCharm box I got: novboxylayout novboxyprimercolorMicaBeauty Eye Primer. Retail: $44.95. I really don’t use primer as much as I should but when you do use it the primer creates a barrier for the powder to really show up. It also makes it last longer too. I have plenty of samples from my shopping addiction and subscription boxes as well. The consistency of the primer is a cream so compared to a liquid primer it’ll dry faster. I prefer a liquid because it’s easier to spread. This pricey primer is waterproof, smudge proof, and evens out your skintone. novboxyblushOFRA Cosmetics Pressed Blush. Retail: $24.95. I really like the size and color of this blush. I think I gave this away to a teenage girl but this is pigmented so a little goes a long way. novboxylinerTarina Tartantino Eyelicity Glitter Liner. Retail: $16.00. This glitter liner was too sparkly for my liking. I’m still young but I don’t think I’m young enough for a glitter overload. I’m pretty simple when I do my makeup so I stick to black eyeliners. novboxyhairKevin Murphy Color Bug. Retail: $20.00. This was a fun item in the box. I have dark hair so I don’t know if it would show up, I also gave this to the teenage girl with light brunette hair. When I was in middle school I dyed my hair streak red but I had to bleach it first. After that I never dyed my hair again, the bleach made my hair weak and gave it split ends. This is temporary so it washes out instantly. novboxyexcitecolorBellaPierre Shimmer Powder. Retail: $14.99. I actually have this brand but in a different eyeshadow color. I got “excite” which is a shimmery creamy white. Their eyeshadows are pigmented and for other colors if you use a wet brush the color is different (darker). The more you pack on, the darker and opaque the color is. This box was certainly a glitter and shine box! I do like shimmer but the target audience is geared for the younger generation. I like the mineral brands in this box because they use natural and high quality stuff in the makeup. Overall the box was worth $120.89! The brand really makes a difference. Most if not all of these products have been or will be given away.


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