NEW December 2014 Something Snacks Review

decssholdSomething Snacks sends you 7 snacks that you may or may not have heard about for $9 or $10 a month depending on your subscription plan. They deliver on the 7th-15th every month so be sure to subscribe before then. So if you’re looking for something familiar and something adventurous, check out Something Snacks!

This month’s theme had a peppermint and holiday feel.


decssmollassesGinger Molasses Wheat & Gluten Free. I thought I would love these but the huge ginger taste was too intense. Don’t get me wrong this is the real deal ginger taste but it was a bit too much for my liking. The cookie is huge but fluffy. I’m not too sure if I like the texture and taste of this cookie.

decsscookieLotte Margaret Cookie. I didn’t get to try this since I gave this away but I do know this brand from my childhood. This is a soft biscuit cookie with almond syrup on top.

decsscranberryMini Crunch in Cranberry Almond. These were a gamble to try since I tend not to eat stuff with almond but I absolutely love these! I want more!

decsspretzelCampfire Snacks Candy Cane Pretzels. I like peppermint and white chocolate is great with it but I feel like it was too sweet and not enough “chocolate”. Its pretty tough to eat because the pretzel and chocolate and peppermint combo was really hard and dense to eat.

decsschocoGhirardelli Chocolate in Peppermint Bark. I’ve tried these before and it is delicious. I love dark chocolate and the white chocolate peppermint had a good crunch to it.


Bellagio Peppermint Truffle Gourmet Hot Cocoa. I also gave this away, but I’m sure it was a rich, creamy and pepperminty hot chocolate drink. Makes you wanna stick a candy cane into your hot cocoa doesn’t it?

decsspopcornThe Popcorn Factory Popcorn Balls. I love the Popcorn Factory popcorn so I’m sure this popcorn ball is delicious. It’s the size of your palm soo I’m not sure how you would eat this without breaking it apart.

I thought this was a nice box to get as a holiday gift- something fun for everyone to share.

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