December 2014 BoxyCharm Box Review


BoxyCharm’s December 2014 Jingle Belles box includes  4-5 full sized beauty products for $21.00 a month. I think they stick to the theme pretty well so you can really see it coming together as a box. The products doesn’t vary much just in color so it makes it easier to put the box together. Right now you can’t customize but I think they are working on it.

So for my December box I got:


decboxyrevealCoastal Scents Revealed Palette. Retail: $39.95. I love that they put eyeshadow palettes in their boxes, the colors are neutral and vary in matte and shimmer. I didn’t use or open this because the formula has parabens in them and I didn’t want to open it if I wasn’t using them. I do like the colors and I got sample quads from Birchbox before though.

decboxylashesLina Lashes Luxury Mink Lashes. Retail: $30.00. These are pretty intense lashes. I only wear them for special occasions but these are super long and lush. They are made from Siberian mink fur and are handmade. I think these would look lovely but I doubt I would use them anytime soon.

decboxybrushMistura Beauty Solutions Retractable Beauty Brush. Retail: $19.99. This is a pretty useful to go brush. You can pop out the brush when you open the lid and use it to powder your face. It’s a full-sized brush but the handle isn’t as long. The bristles lay inside the handle so when you pull out the lid the brush comes out.

decboxyhotstickBe A Bombshell Lip Product. Retail: $14.00. I’m not a fan of BABS products just because they use parabens in almost every product they make. I received a hotstick in my Ipsy bag before and the color was pretty similar. The one stick gives you the flexibility to use it as a lip balm, cheek stain, or eyeshadow color.

decboxyshampooEva NYC Hair Products. Retail: $7.00. This is another product I knew from Ipsy. I have the leave-in conditioner so I’m sure the shampoo is the same quality. I love that this is all natural and the travel size is a decent size.

My box came out to $110.94. Overall I did like the box, it’s just not for me. I have everything already so it makes it harder for me to use the items I get when I already have them. If I didn’t have an issue with parabens in my makeup I would love this box. Most of the products in this box will be in a makeup bag I’m working on.


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