January 2015 Treatsie Box Reviews

jantreatsieholdTreatsie is a new box that I wanted to try out since I saw a coupon code for extra treats. Treatsie is a gourmet hand made treat box, each box contains up to $25 worth of yummy treats for $12-$15 (shipping is $4.95 per month). They ship on the 15th of each month so if you want it that month be sure to sign up before then.

In my first box:


jantreatsiebiscuitsBiscuit Gourmet Biscotti The Vixen. $5.00 for 3 biscuits. I am not a biscotti person- I like more moist biscuit cookies but these have an almond and cinnamon aroma to it. I would reccomend dipping it into a hot beverage like tea or coffee. Yumm

jantreatsiebuttercupBuddha Chocolate Almond Butter Cup. $3.00 for 1 piece. I love this concept, they got me with the dark chocolate!

jantreatsiepbchocoDallas Caramel Company Armadillos. $6.00 for 3 pieces. I was very excited to taste these first. I love dark chocolate and the caramel really made it even tastier. You can really tell these were handmade because they give you really thick pieces. I would get these again if I saw them. =]

jantreatsietaffyDallas Caramel Company Caramel Assortment. $8.00 for 8 pieces. I’m really not a caramel lover so I don’t eat too much sugar in a short amount of time however these are delicious! You can tell the difference between handmade caramel and machine made.

This box had $22.00 worth of goodies… I also got a bonus box with my coupon code. Without the extra box I don’t think I would pay $19.95 for one. I would rather go to a store and pick out the items and pay for them individually.

Here’s what I got in my bonus box:


jantreatsiechoco5 Chuao ChocoPods in pop corn pop, strawberry waffle wild, sweet & salty, salted chocolate crunch, and potato chip. Retail: $5.00 for 5 pods. These were absolutely delicious. I’ve had this brand before in Birchbox and they are addicting. These all almost taste the same because most of them were salt and chocolate. But the pop corn pop had a pop rocks surprise! And the strawberry waffle wild had a tart taste with a crunch.

jantreatsiecandyRaley’s Confectionary Treatsie Variety Mix Hard Candy. Retail: $6.00 a bag. These are so cute! I love the artistic twist to these-you can tell they are hand made and they put a lot of thought into creating the image. Each one had their unique flavor depending on the color. In my opinion these were a little too hard for my liking but they make a nice decoration piece.

jantreatsietoffeeLambrecht Gourmet Southern Pecan Toffee. Retail: $6.00 for 3oz. I haven’t tried these yet but I’m sure they are delicious. I love toffee and pecans are okay so I might give these away or end up trying them if they stick around long enough.

In my opinion, I would get the box if I LOVED sweets and eat them everyday. I like a reward piece every now and then so it’s a nice treat when I am in the mood. If you want to try it out use my link and the code “FRBUCO01“!


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