January 2015 Ipsy Review

janipsyholdWow, it’s 2015 already! Ipsy’s theme is Fresh Start! There’s a lot of neutral colors and basic skincare stuff to start the new year off.

February is the end of my yearly subscription for Ipsy! I’m wondering if I should continue the yearly sub or just pay by month… Ipsy is a great service and I don’t think I want to part with it just yet. So here’s to another year!

Now, Ipsy offers makeup deals on Tuesdays, Wednesday, AND Thursday! Personally, I think it’s way too much stuff going on but if they are making money-so be it.

Let’s see what I got:


janipsypacificajanipsyshadowhighlightPacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow in Ethereal. Retail: $3.50 for .08 oz. I wanted to love this color but for some reason this did not compliment my skintone. I think I prefer a more warm tone, this was more of a pink undertone. I love neutral colors but this was a miss. I tried the other duo eyeshadow as well and it was okay. I might try experimenting different ways and different color combos later on.

janipsymineralBellapierre Shimmer Powder in Whesek. Retail: $14.99 for 3.5g. I wasn’t hoping for this color but it’s grey with a hint of cool blue. I do like a little shimmer in my eyeshadows but I think this has too much for my liking. I wish Ipsy would give us a bright color that we don’t see too often, yes it’s bold but these colors they have are a bit boring and we makeup junkies probably already have those colors.

janipsybrushElizabeth Mott All Over Shadow Brush. Retail: $9.99. I have an ever growing collection of brushes, I’m sure you can imagine! I love the pink color and the brush is super soft- makes me not want to use such a pretty brush.

janipsylipglossJouer Essential Lip Enhancer. Retail: $7.27 for .15 oz. This is super small but it’s also great for throwing in compact purses. I’m sure we go through a ton of lip balms, lipglosses, and lipsticks due to losing them accidently so I’ll be using this in my to go purse.

janipsymoisturizerLa Fresh Eco-Beauty Be Good. Good Day. Day Moisturizer. Retail: $13.99 for .5 oz. I love this packaging, it’s so adorable and different from my usual moisturizers. It’s not a lot of moisturizer but I’m glad it’s not a paper packet that you can’t close back up.

I actually really like this bag- at first when I saw it online I wasn’t impressed but I like that there’s two colors on each side and the orange zipper really compliments the blue (literally haha).

My Ipsy bag had $49.74 worth of stuff in it and it’s awesome because I’m going to use most of it.


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