NEW January 2015 Smart Art Review

jansaholdOne of my new boxes that I received is called Smart Art box, they send you all the tools you need to create your own artwork. Of course you don’t have to make what they suggest but they do give a pamphlet to guide you if you don’t know what to do. Also, you can tag your artwork and get a chance to win a prize!

Each box costs $49.95 but if you use the coupon code “INSPIRATION”, you should receive 20% off for the rest of your subscription service. If the code doesn’t work try going to the site and subscribing to the email list. $50.00 may seem like a lot but art supplies can be pretty expensive-I should know. Unless you have someone who doesn’t need their paint/tools anymore, this box might be the more convenient option. Every month is a different medium and a different artist so you get to experience new types of art! How awesome is that?

Here’s all the cool things you get for this month:


jansacanvas8 1/2″ x 11″ Canvas Board. This canvas is the size of a standard letter size so if you had two you could make a book! I personal love creating books so this could be a project of its own. Instead of a typical canvas this is a more portable canvas that’s wrapped on a dense cardboard. A normal canvas is wrapped around a wooden frame. This kind is great for acrylic paint whereas the other kind is better for oil but still good for any medium depending on how you prime your canvas.

jansapaint4 Liquitex Acrylic Paint. This is a really good brand because it’s really pigmented and dense. You can water it down for a more transparent color or keep it opaque. These are the prime colors so you can make any color you want. The only color that is missing would be the black.

jansapalette10 Empty Color Mixing Palette. You can squirt some paint into the empty compartments and mix all your desired colors. The middle can be used for mixing larger amount of paint or rinsing your brushes, or whatever else you want! Art has no limit so if you can think of a solution using whatever you have- you are good to go!

jansabrushesVarious Flat Square Brushes. These brushes are great for covering the surface, filling in the lines or creating them. These aren’t my preferred brushes but once you wet the brushes they are softer yet firm. I prefer a softer brush but these are for precision.

jansabottleEmpty Spray Bottle. You can mix a little glob of paint and water and spray the paint on your canvas for a cool spray effect. If you want a similar effect you can use an old toothbrush and dip it into the paint and flick the bristles for a splatter effect.

I haven’t started my project yet but once I finish it- I’ll post it up.

Side thought: I’m thinking about a makeup inspired piece using makeup. Since the suggested theme is Andy Warhol- maybe I should do Marylin Monroe??


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