January 2015 BoxyCharm Box Review

janbcholdIt’s a new year and I can’t wait to see what the new year is going to surprise us with. BoxyCharm’s January 2015 Celebrate in Style box is about enhancing your natural beauty and making it last. Also, you get to see the new trends for the new year!

So let’s see what January has to offer:


janbclinerBeauty For Real The Perfect Pencil. Retail:$14.00. I don’t generally use pencil liners but I heard they stay on longer and you get more precision. The color is nice but I currently have a lipstick in this color which is also my lip color. I have no doubt this is a good quality liner, my go to lip color has been nude or a natural color so this will be great for me.


Beauty For Real True Color Lip Cream in “Always There”. Retail: $22.00. This is a cool lip gloss. It has a mirror and a built in light. I want to use this but I have so many lip products it’s hard to keep them in my drawer! The color is glossy light pink so it’s great for everyday or to add volume by blending it in the center of your lips on top of a darker color.

janbcprimerMirabella Face Primer. Retail: $29.00. I heard this is a great primer that makes your pores and lines disappear. You only need a little bit and it makes the eyeshadow stay longer too. This brand is all natural!

janbctattoPur-lisse Skin Sparkle Flash Tattoo. Retail: $12.00. These are a huge thing now. temperary tattoos isn’t for little kids anymore so you can apply these to your skin for that “fake” jewelry look. I believe they last for a few days and are waterproof. You can use them as bracelets or if you are really patient- cut them up and make your own design!

janbcbronzeTarte Maracuja Bronzing Serum. Retail: $47.00. I was surprised to get this in my box. First off this thing is HUGE and second, who needs a tan in January?? I’m already tan naturally so I wouldn’t use this for my face, maybe my legs needs help tanning but not my face. You just need 2-3 drops for your face and neck so it gives you a nice healthy glow. It’s hydrating and has anti-aging and firming ingredients.

I really liked this box and what it had to offer. Everything was natural and chemical free which you can’t complain…it’s hard finding a box full of natural products. My box was worth $124.00 and it only cost $21.00. I would use everything in this box (eventually) so I’m totally happy with my box.

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