February 2015 Ipsy Bag Review

febipsyholdIpsy is constantly adding new features like more bonus products, early sneak peeks, more discount goodies, and a bunch of other stuff to keep us happy. And boy am I happy!

I am super impressed with Ipsy’s #ipsyLove, the theme for February… all the products I received were just what I needed!


febipsylipCity Color Cosmetics Creamy Lip Stain in Flirtini. Retail: $4.99 for .078 oz. I haven’t used too many lip stains but this one is creamy however not as moisturizing as I hope for. I do like the bold color so I might just balance it out with a nude color lipstick. Using this alone, it took awhile to dry completely and it did need to be reapplied throughout the day.

febipsycurlerEmite Make Up Professional Eye Lash Curler. Retail: $25.00. I always wanted an eyelash curler and it took forever for the IpsyMatch to give me one! I do like this one and I love that we got 3 extra pads! Now I can have one eyelash curler in my emergency bags!

febipsyhairEva NYC Up All Night Volumizing Spray. Retail: $10.00 for 1 oz. I love the texture this gave me however my hair is super heavy so it didn’t last that long. But then again I don’t heat curl my hair so I just spritzed this on my natural hair. I will experiment more and let you know more. If any thick heavy haired girls know a good hairspray-let me know!

febipsyoilMitchell & Peach Fine Radiance Face Oil. Retail: $22.83 for .34 oz. I love face oils, I have a bunch of samples and full sized products so I’m sure this will be used up quickly. I can’t believe how expensive this small sample is!

febipsyblushModelCo Blush Cheek Powder in . Retail: $22.00 for .12 oz. I thought this would be so much bigger but even this sample sized blush will last me a long time… especially when I have so many other ones. I love this color it certainly brightens my face while giving me a youthful blush.

My bonus items:

febipsybalm(MALIN+GOETZ) Mojito Lip Balm. Retail: $12.00 for .20 oz. I’ve wanted this lip balm when I first saw it in the January 2014 bag… so I was excited to scoop this one up.

febipsylotionFigs & Rouge Hand Cream in Rose Berry & Mango Mandarin. Retail: $3.08 for 20 ml each or $6.16 for both. I don’t like to carry a lot of things so this is a good size to keep in my pocket, my skin gets very dry in the winter so I made sure to get two! I like the Rose berry scent more since it’s lighter then the mango mandarin.

febipsybutterAyres Patagonia Body Butter. Retail: $4.15 for 1 oz. This sample was pretty small but you actually don’t need much because its super rich. I usually leave lotions everywhere since I always have dry hands!

So my overall bag had $84.82 + $22.31 = $107.13! This is my favorite Ipsy bag so far, everything was paraben free and something I wanted to try. I’m really happy with my subscription even though I have mountains of makeup/skincare stuff! For $10, it’s totally worth it for me- I love experimenting and finding new things. =]

Here’s my Valentine’s Day look using items in my bag:



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