February 2015 TestTube Review

febttholdI was super excited to try the NewBeauty TestTube, they send you one every other month so each box costs $29.95 plus $8.95 for shipping. I love the packaging! It comes in a big box filled with a lot of full sized goodies and a magazine subscription.


febtthairBalanced Guru No Frizz Oil. Retail: $12.50 for .5 oz. This is a travel size but you still get  a decent amount of oil. You only need a couple of drops because if you over do it your hair will look greasy and heavy. Argan oil is good for your hair because it gives it shine and nutrients to keep it moisturized and healthy looking.

febttwashDermalogica Daily Microfoliant. Retail: $9.00 for .45 oz. I got this before in my Sample Society box but I love this! I ran out but I’m so happy I got more. This is pretty expensive and it works really well too. It’s super gentle and makes my face smooth and brighter. It’s made of powder so it’s gentle on your face too.

febttdryColor Club Dry Ice Drops. Retail: $11.00 for .5 oz. This surprisingly works really fast! You only need one drop and it dries less than a minute. I have another dry oil but I prefer this one because when I do my nails it’s usually when I have to get out the door right away.

febttshampooKlorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. Retail: $6.09 for 1 oz. This is also a travel size, I got this in my Ipsy bag already and it has a light fresh scent. I have a ton of fry shampoos but this one works pretty well.

febttbalmEraclea Ever-Moist Lip Balm. Retail: $16.00 for .35 oz. I was super excited to use this for some reason. There were plenty of lip balms I have used in the past but they didn’t last that long. This one smelled like skittles but had not taste. It really is moisturizing and not too thick or runny.

febttoilChi Argan Oil Plus Moringa Oil. Retail: $22.00 for 3 oz. This is a full sized bottle which I started using instead all of my other hair oils samples I got. It’s suppose to help with dry scalp and split ends but I feel like it comes out too much. One pump is like 6 drops!

febttfirmAlgenist Firm & Lifting Cream. Retail: $24.50 for .5 oz. Whoa this “sample” is pricey I mean I guess neck creams are pricey in general but wow. I’m glad I don’t ned this right now so I can’t really review it.

febttlinerYBF Plum Noir Eye Liner. Retail: $14.50. This eye liner comes with a sharpener as a cap, how convenient =]

The total box worth was $115.59 and I would’ve paid $38.90 for the box! I think it’s a great deal. When I run out of samples this will be one of the boxes I sign up for because they send you mostly full sized products every other month. Honestly, who goes through everything they get in one month?? Certainly not me.

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