February 2015 BoxyCharm Box Review

febbcholdThis month’s theme is Kisses from BoxyCharm! You got hearts and glitter and then some…

If you don’t know already BoxyCharm is a full-sized beauty box subscription. They send you 4-5 items each month for $21.00. Each month is dedicated to the holiday or season so you’ll be prepared for the month…

Let’s see what this month has:


febbcbrushModern Minerals Duo Fiber Mini Round Brush. Retail:$15.00. This brush is dense and is good for highlighting the corners of the eye or applying color to the crease. I have plenty of brushes so this will be in a set I’m putting together.


Mullein & Sparrow Mini Facial Mask. Retail:$15.00. I want to use this but forgot about it since I have a ton of clay masks, peels, and exfoliating products. Perhaps this will be used in the feature. You’re suppose to apply a little bit of water to the clay powder and apply on a damp face. Once dried the clay clings onto the dirt and you wash it away. In my experience, this doesn’t work effiently since I have tough pores. The black peel masks works the best (but still doesn’t take everything away) I would wash with a deep cleanser but my skin gets sensitive after the peel. Don’t you love the bottle?

febbcpolishncLA Nail Lacquer in “Heartattack”. Retail:$16.00. This seems like such a cute polish to do for Valentine’s Day. I don’t think I got this in time so I never used it. I love glitter polishes because it looks amazing when it’s added to an existing color.

febbclipJing AI Velvet Shine Lip Jewel. Retail:$22.00. I haven’t used this yet but I haven’t had the best experience in lip pencils. It’s a nice color deep raspberry color. The name suggests a glitter or shimmer but I don’t know for sure since I didn’t swatch it.

febbccpncealerMistura Beauty Solutions C-2-P Complexion Corrector. Retail:$28.30. Mine came broken off and it smeared all over the lipstick container. I haven’t had the time to melt the bottom to reattach it but I like the idea of the product. It’s a redness concealer in a form of a lipstick. It turns into powder when it dries and it’s supposed to be moisturizing. With my face the moisturizing part is nonexistent. I’ve tried cream concealers before but it’s too thick and not natural looking when I apply foundation on top. My face complexion is uneven so it’ll be easier to use a concealer all over.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the products, it would be things I would use in the future. My box is worth $96.30 which is not bad. Each box is $21.00 so I can’t complain. I haven’t personally had the need to use any of them since I have so much stuff but I might just create deluxe makeup bags with different themes.


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