March 2015 BoxyCharm Box Review


BoxyCharm is a beauty box filled with 4-5 full-sized luxury products for $21.00 a month. If you subscribe for the year, you get a month free so you only pay for 11 months. The items in each box does not vary that much, you might get a different color but the product stays the same for everyone. There is a Charm rewards system so if you refer or review items in the box you get points to redeem full-sized bonus items that’ll be shipped out in your next box. Each box is billed on the 1st to 5th so if you want the box you should subscribe before the month begins.

So let’s see what BoxyCharm’s Lucky Charm March 2015 box had:

marbclayoutmarbchairOscar Blandi Hair Products. Retail: $11.00 for 1.2 oz. This is a travel-sized dry shampoo spray. I haven’t used this yet but it’s been a trend lately with these beauty boxes to have dry shampoos. All the ingredients are natural.

marbceyeliner OFRA Eyeliner. Retail: $13.00. I got a nude color which I have been looking for everywhere. Unfortunately this is so nude I don’t even see i difference on my waterline. It’s either it’s the same color or it doesn’t show up on my waterline. I don’t think it’s waterproof either so this (for me) doesn’t last as long or as well as I want it to.

marbcpolishLVX Nail Lacquer. Retail: $16.00. For the price of this nail polish I was expecting higher quality. It’s pretty much the same as any other nail polish. I was kinda upset that when I first tried to open the cap, it literally came off leaving the cap still attached. So basically the outside cap wasn’t glued on properly. I end up tossing the square exterior since the inside cap is grip friendly. The color is a pale yellow and is semi glossy. I already have this color but I thought it was also hard to paint.

marbctartecloseTarte LipSurgence Lip TInt in “Charmed”. Retail: $24.00. For some reason Tarte’s lip pencils do not go on my lips well. I’ve heard such good things about tarte and these tinted lip balm pencils but they feel chalky and it doesn’t glide smoothly. Maybe it’s because I have dry wrinkly lips but they tend to form gross pills on my lips after some time. The Pixi beauty lip balm has the same effect.

marbcoilPrevise Nutrify Skin Type 1-6 Universal Tonic. Retail: $48.00. This is a whitening serum you apply after cleansing your face. I tried this for a week but didn’t see any results. I know I should try it for a longer period of time but I didn’t like how it seemed dried out before I was done applying it on my face. Again my face is dry is it probably soaks up more moisture faster then a normal skin type.

I wasn’t too thrilled with this box but I loved the idea behind each product. Maybe I have too many beauty products to sample from but these brands/product were not for my skin type. Perhaps if my skin weren’t too picky but I did learn what the brand had to offer. My box was worth $112.00 which is amazing but I didn’t like it all too much. I would use it but I don’t love the items. I was thinking about subscribing to BoxyCharm but I don’t think I will anymore. The full-sized items are nice but not if I don’t like the products.

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