Ipsy Glam Bag April 2015 Review


Ipsy’s April 2015 glam bag theme is Beautifully Bohemian. I love natural looking make-up and skincare products. This month had lots of skincare products but I don’t mind because I love them. In order to keep your skin looking nice and smooth you gotta take care of it! But there’s still a decent amount of makeup too!

ipsyaprillayoutipsyaprilpolishJulieG Nail Color. Retail: $3.99. I don’t really prefer nail polishes anymore but somehow this ended up in my bag. I never used it but it’s a semi bright pink nail color. Cute, but not my style anymore. It’s too plain… I really wanted to try the gumdrop line from this brand- it’s a frosted glitter polish that is simple yet different.

ipsyaprilhoneyHey Honey Good Morning – Honey Silk Facial Serum. Retail: $13.67 for 10 ml. I can’t get enough of serums! This is a good brand so I’ll end up using this in the future. I love that it’s all natural.

ipsyaprilblushPandora’s Makeup Box Pink Carnation Blush. Retail: $11.00. I do love this bright pink color but this has parabens. =[ It’s not in a packaging so you can add it to your z-palette (a magnetic case) which you can customize your palette however you want.

ipsyaprilbalmtheBalm Cosmetics NUDE Dude Eyeshadow Single in Flirty. Retail: $3.00. I love this brand and this color! It’s a reddish brown base with a hint of pink and gold shimmer. The eyeshadow palette is even more gorgeous but I wasn’t fast enough to get the Ipsy deal for $20.00 normally $36.00! Booo, maybe next time…

ipsyaprillipcheekMullein & Sparrow Mini Lip & Cheek Tint. Retail: $10.00. This is a tiny lip balm with a slight tint of purple. I don’t really notice the color on my lips but it does have a strong tingly sensation. It has all natural ingredients and it smells like mint.

Bonus items:
ipsyaprilbutterNYX Cosmetics Butter Lipstick in Pops. Retail: $6.00. I really like the lipstick I got last month so I got the other color I really wanted. It’s slightly neutral with a hint of pink. I’ve been using this almost everyday!

ipsyaprilchachaBenefit Cosmetics chachatint cheek & lip stain. Retail: $30.00. Ever since I got the benetint and traded it away I really regretted not trying it so when this popped up I had to snag it. It has a lovely mango tint with a slight shimmer. This will give your look a dewy look for sure.

This was a pretty good bag, I especially like it because I got extra items that I love so it makes it even better! My bag was worth $41.66 + (bonus items) $36.00 = $77.66! You earn points by reviewing and referring others to Ipsy so you can redeem them for bonus items. Hope you enjoyed the post!


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