Angels’ Cup May 2015 Coffee Review

mayacholdI have a new subscription box for you! If you love coffee or trying new different flavors for your morning drink, you should test out Angels’ Cup– a coffee subscription. Depending on how much you love coffee you can choose from a weekly, bi-weekly, or a monthly subscription. Each package contains 4 (1 oz.) bags of unique blends of coffee from all over the country. So you can make 1 cup (6 oz.) with each tasting bag. The tasting box is $7.99 for 4, 1 oz bags. Shipping is free in the U.S., there’s a charge of $6.00 for shipping to Canada or $11.00 globally.

FYI: Angels’ Cup is coming out with a 3 oz. bag in June so you’ll get more than 2 cups worth of coffee for you and your family to enjoy.



Isn’t the packaging so cute? I love the atlas feel and the stamped info card. Each pack has a date of when it was packed and the number of the kind of coffee for the app you can download on your phone or on a computer to input your tastings. In the end you can see how it matches up with a real flavors and learn more about the origin of the coffees.

Lucky for me I have a cheat sheet of all the different coffees I got!


You can buy more of what you love- that’s the great thing about subscription boxes- you can test out new things and see what you like and don’t like and cancel at anytime. I like to give people treats every now and then so it’s also nice to share bits of your subscription with others, if you want ;). To sweeten the pot a little, if you don’t like the coffee- you’ll get your money back. So there’s no reason why not to try it. Check it out here.


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