SnackNation May 2015 Sample Box Review

maysnholdSnackNation was very generous enough to send me a sample office snack box to show you some of the goods! I wish I had this when I was working at my last office job… my drawer was filled with snacks so I kinda felt bad that I’m also constantly snacking while others were working. But honestly, that’s what kept me going throughout the day. So I think it’s a great way to get the office through the day and snack healthier at the same time. Plus, they donate a multi-nutrient pack to a malnourished child for every healthy snack delivery.

This box was pretty big compared to my usual boxes so I felt like a kid in a (healthy) candy store! lol

Depending on the size of the office (small or medium), you can customize your personal box using the SnackGenius to pick the types of snacks you like.


I love the packaging! They have dividers that have buildings on them and the shipping box can also be used as a display. =)

There’s a lot of snacks to cover so if you want to learn more, feel free to browse the site!

Let’s get into the goodies:


maysnolive I had a late night craving so I had these Boulder Canyon Natural Foods Olive Oil Kettle Chips. I have to say, these are quite yummy. They don’t have too much salt and it’s cooked in olive oil. I usually don’t eat kettle chips because they are too hard but these weren’t too bad. It would go great with any dip.

maysnsomersaultsSomersaults Cinnamon Crunch are crunchy nuggets baked with sunflower seeds. These sound delicious but I haven’t gotten to eating them yet. They are great for hiking or an afternoon energy boost. I love sunflower seeds and it sounds so good sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Drool…


Wonderful Roasted & Salted Pistachios are so yummy. I’ve had them shelled before and I’m pretty sure that batch was burnt (I should’ve wrote them a letter but didn’t)… typically they aren’t burnt but when they are perfectly roasted, you seriously can’t stop eating them till it’s all gone. I’m a bit allergic to pistachios but I love them so much I just eat it anyways! lol


Sahale Snack Glazed Almonds with Cranberry Honey + Sea Salt are also SUPER delicious. I had these before and I looked for them everywhere! They have a bunch of different flavors which are also very tasty. It’s lightly coated with honey so it’s crunchy clusters of almonds and a hint of cranberry and sesame seeds to take the flavor to the next level. Ugh, these are one of my favorites… seriously try them. You can find them at SnackNation, Walmart, or Whole Foods, online is pretty over-priced.


Organic Apple-2-the-core Peeled Snacks are not the typical dried apple slices. These are nice and soft and fluffy. The ones I typically eat are more dried sort of like jerky is. Having tried both kinds I prefer this kind because it’s more moist and flavorful. Even those these are purely just apple slices, I tasted a hint of cinnamon but maybe they are just naturally sweet.


Speaking of Jerky, these Krave Turkey Jerky Basil Citrus is amazing! I love fresh herbs so this takes Jerky to a new level. I had a different turkey jerky before but felt like some parts were hard and some were kinda soft. These are completely soft and packed with fresh flavor. It’s sweet and basil-y with a kick of lime. I would repurchase this for sure. Don’t tell anyone but I tried to share these but I didn’t because I couldn’t stop eat them. =X


I had these Justin’s Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups before in my Treastie box and they are so good. I love dark chocolate so that and peanut butter makes everything yummy. And there’s two to share… or not share. 😉


Dang Toasted Coconut Chips sounds so good… I am obsessed with coconut so these will be gone in 3 seconds. Sometimes you don’t need anything extra when mother nature makes such delicious foods already.


Super Human Snacks That Gives Back, White Cheddar Popcorn. My favorite flavored popcorn! There’s something about cheese that makes everything taste better. I haven’t tried them yet but I’m sure I’ll love them. And I think it’s great that they also donate a nutrition pack to a child that needs it more than we do.

maysnboomBoom Chicka Pop. Sea Salt Popcorn is pretty “bland” because it doesn’t taste like it has salt in it what-so-ever. I like healthy but these could use a tad bit more flavoring. I guess when you eat enough of them- you’ll get use to it.


I think I had this brand before but in a different flavor. I really like this brand because their chips are packed with flavor and natural ingredients. These can be a little bit dry (from my past experience) so I would recommend trying these with an avocado dip or onion dip so that you can still taste the nacho cheese.


I never tried a Clif Bar but they sound delicious! I would eat these Clif Bar Chocolate Brownies for breakfast hehe. Plus, they wouldn’t be too bad for a hiking trip since it’s an energy bar.


More sweets! Back to Nature Mini Chocolate Chunk Cookies, I’m typically not a fan of hard dry cookies but I’ll let you know how I like them after I try all the snacks. Maybe I should warm them up in the microwave and eat them with a glass of milk. =]


Last but not least are the Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips in Kool Ranch. Kale in general is a robust green that tastes bitter? I’m not sure but I never had kale before so maybe with the ranch flavor it won’t taste as bad as everyone say they do.

So that’s it! I know that was a long list of snacks but they pretty much covered a bunch of snacks. They have plenty more so if you’re interested in ordering for an office snack box check out SnackNation and they’ll send you a sample box similar to this. Hope you enjoyed!


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