Tea Sparrow May 2015 Mother’s Day Edition Review

maytsholdI have 4 new teas to introduce you from Tea Sparrow, a $20 a month subscription that gives you 4 different variety of teas to try. Each resealable packet has a decent amount in there so you can make at around 35 cups of tea (all 4 teas combined). For this Mother’s Day Edition we have these 4 special teas:


maytscherrymaytscherrycloseOrganic Cheery Fruit Tea, this tea is all fruity with no caffeine perfect for sipping in the late afternoon or after dinner. I had this hot but I think it would make a great iced tea because the roobios in this tea lets you keep brewing after another. This tea is naturally sweet but I tend to add a little amount of honey to enhance the flavors a bit more.

maytsblueberrymaytsblueberrycloseChocolate Blueberry Organic, this smells amazing in the bag however I feel like some people wouldn’t like it. It’s one of those dark teas that has a hint of chocolate and tartness from the blueberries. There is a bit of natural sweetness but I like to add honey. This is more of a after dessert drink if you still have work to do afterwards. The darker the leaves the more caffeine it has.

maytsorangemaytsorangecloseBlood Orange Smoothie, this is also made with roobios tea so it has an African feel to it (that’s where roobios is mostly from). It’s earthy yet fruity and floral. Again, I like roobios teas cold because you can taste the sweetness better.

maytscloudsmaytscloudscloseClouds & Mist Organic, this is the only green tea without fruits in this bunch. Definetely different from your average green tea. It has a smoky and earthy taste which some people might not like but adding sugar/honey/cream/milk will tone down the flavor.

I would suggest trying it without honey first then adding it if you need to. If you can drink tea without sugar or honey- it’ll make you appreciate the natural flavors more!

This batch was interesting and I always like to try new things. You can’t judge the tea by just the smell but it definitely makes it taste better. I like trying teas in new ways hot/cold or with cream/milk to see what my preferences are for each tea. Sometimes it’s nice to have exotics flavors every now and then. Just making it in small batches and taking small sips makes it taste better. I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day and spent time with their mom! Hoped you enjoyed this post, if you want to learn more visit Tea Sparrow.


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