Graze February 2015 Share Box Review

febgrazeholdI was so excited when Graze finally came out with their Share Box. I loved all of their snack portion box so having a little bit more to share was one of the things I really wanted. For $20.00 a month you get 6 full sized bags of your choice delivered monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly. The process is the same for the snack portion so you go through the selection and choose whether you want to try it or not. They get to choose from your list but if you just pick 6 you want you’ll get those. Of course they try to give you a new set of snacks until you tried them all but chances are you already tried the smaller portion and now you want to order the big bag.

The Share Box comes in a cute and economically designed box. The cardboard is made from recycled paper so it’s easy to decompose. And there’s no glue used to hold it together, just the two plastic straps keeps it together.

So here’s what I got in my first Share Box:


febgrazebreadHerby Bread Basket. I tried the smaller portion and I really enjoyed the crackers. My favorite are the oregano rice crackers, they have the most flavor and it’s light & crunchy. These are great for salads or just snacking.

febgrazepistachioLightly Toasted Pistachios. I love these nuts, there’s something about them where you can’t just eat one. The normal pistachios have a bit too much salt on them so these are toasted just so they still have that crunch but not too much so that you can taste the natural flavor. Also, the touch of salt brings out the flavor even more without making you too thirsty.

febgrazestawberryStrawberries & Cream Granola Topper. These are regular oats & granola with freeze dried strawberry pieces and mini strawberry yogurt balls. I never had these before but I love freeze dried fruits so I wanted to give them a try. The strawberry yogurt pieces are okay, they are a bit hard to chew but they are still yummy. I usually put these in with my yogurt but I’d prefer to eat these alone. The yogurt and strawberry yogurt pieces are a bit much to eat together.

febgrazeberryOaty Berry Crumble Granola Topper. These are another variation to eat with my yogurt. I like these much more because it has a variety of fruits. It has dried blackberries infused with cranberry which are soft and chewy, dried raspberries and almond pieces. The whole mix is tangy but sweet so it’s great for plain yogurt or flavored ones. I eat them alone too but I use this mainly for yogurt.

febgrazetomatoTomato & Basil Pizza. I think I had these too but I can’t remember. I love the cheese flavored cashews to most in this bag. The tomato breadsticks and basil bread were okay- the more flavor the better for me. These had some flavor but not enough for my liking.

I thought the Graze Share box was pretty good, it’ll take me awhile to finish them by myself but I’ll try to share ;P I love the design of the bags and the box. Everything goes well with each other and the illustrations are easy to know what is inside. Right now they have about 10 different snacks but they will have more. I thought I took pictures of the snacks out of the bags but I can’t seem to find them, so sorry! I ate all of some of the bags before I realized I didn’t have pictures of everything. If I do find them I’ll post it up.


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