Ipsy Glam Bag July 2015 Review


Ipsy’s July 2015 theme is Summer Lovin’, which means beach wave hair and flawless beauty to flaunt at the beach! It’s been super hot this month and I’m kinda sad I haven’t spent time at the beach like I wanted to. But I’m sure I’ll get to it before the summer is over…

Anyway, let’s get to the bag!



essie nail polish in fashion playground. Retail: $8.50. Essie is a great brand but in my experience sometimes hard to paint with. The light/creamy colors are usually really difficult but when down correctly, it’s beautiful. The key is light even coats, two coats for a nice sheer tone or three/four for an opaque color. You can always layer then too but make sure it dries completely before adding more layers. It could take awhile but I believe essie puts in top coat in their shiny nail polishes so that’s why it takes so long to dry. The color is really nice, I love this color it reminds me of Tiffany’s signature blue color.

ipsyjulypowderCity Color Cosmetics HD Powder. Retail: $3.42 for 4 g. HD powder makes your face look flawless but I don’t usually use white powder for finishing my foundation because when you take pictures it tends to have a white cast. Perhaps I’m using too much…

ipsyjulyhairOctavio Molina Hair La Playa Salt Spray. Retail: $7.75 for 2 oz. I actually really like sea salt sprays because they tend to hold my thick long hair better. The only down side is that it’s drying so this kind has additional algae extract for moisture! Awesome.

ipsyjulybalmBe A Bombshell Cosmetics Lip Balm in French Kiss. Retail: $14.00. I’m not a fan of this brand because they use parabens in almost every product. I have tried their product before and I personally think it’s over-priced for something that’s not high end. I don’t need anymore lip balm so this will be traded or given away.

ipsyjulycleanserVasanti Cosmetics Brighen Up! Exfoliating Cleanser. Retail: $5.67 for 20 g. I got this in my Birchbox before and I love it! It’s a super fine exfoliating cleanser so it helps with brightening and fading dark spots. =] This is a great priced exfoliator too, not too expensive for an all natural cleanser with extra benefits.

Bonus item:
ipsyjulybrowit Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil Mini. Retail: $12.00 for .07 g. I love this packaging! It actually made with a sturdy material instead of plastic so you know they put quality stuff into this product. The stuff in the brow powder helps hair grow back!

My bag wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t the most liked that I’ve gotten so far. I already knew I wouldn’t like most of the products I was getting but I’m glad I got an extra product I got to pick. My bag was worth $39.34 + (bonus item) $12.00 = $42.34. Not the most expensive bag but still decent and lucky to get makeup products I can give away. I can’t wait till my next Ipsy bag!


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