August 2015 Flicker & Flame Candle Box Review

ffaugholdI was very lucky to get a Flicker & Flame August box to review! I never heard of a candle subscription before but I loved the idea and had to get my hands on one. Every month has a special limited edition soy-based candle blend so once they make a batch they won’t have it again. So if you see the scent you love in the shop- stock up! You basically fill out a smell quiz and then you’ll get a customized 10 oz candle (that burns for at least 40 hrs) sent to your door for $25 a month. If you do 3 months it’s $70.00, 6 months for $125.00, and 12 months for $225.00. I would recommend that you sign up before the 16th of each month so that you will get one by next month. They ship out the candles on the 26th.

ffaugopenffaugcandleffaugmatchesAugust’s scent was a blend of lilac, rose, bergamot, and ylang ylang. I had no idea what a bergamot smelled like but it’s a citrus fruit that smells like an orange. Also the ylang ylang is an oil extracted from the Cananga Odorata flower that is used a perfume in the Philippines. I think this is the dominant smell because for some reason the candle itself reminds me of a jasmine flower with a hint of a relaxing component. This smells ah-mazing! I feel so relaxed and happy every time I take a whiff of it. It’s like a mixed of fresh linens (my favorite go to scent) and flowers. I really hope they make more. And it comes with white matches- fancy!

ffauglayoutYou have to check the site for a shop page but if you don’t see it- send them and email and they’ll hook you up! Oh man, this smells so amazing it could be my wedding candle I give to my family and friends 😉 😉 With this smell how could you not be happy and enjoy the day?? Great job Wicker & Flame!

Overall, I love the scent- it’s a great “come home and relax with a bubble bath” candle. I do think it’s pricey but for a new and customized scent every month- it could be worth the investment.


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