NEW Terra Bella Box September 2015 Review


I recently received a box from Terra Bella Box filled with natural hand-made goodies from small businesses. It ranges from skincare to makeup to bath products and more. This is the first box ever so for the September box we see a lot of luxury hand-made goods. You can choose from 2 kinds of boxes, the Terra Bella Box Lite box or the regular Tera Bella Box. The lite box has 2-3 items whereas the regular box has 5-6 items. If you get the regular box you can choose a month to month plan, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months at a time for a discounted rate. Monthly costs $37.95, 3 months cost $107.84, 6 months is $209.67 and 12 months is $395.34. The lite box is only month to month for $17.95. If you use the code “BOXAHOLIC” you’ll get $3.00 off any regular subscription. Make sure you sign up by the 15th-22nd or earlier so you can get next month’s shipment. Also, the boxes ship out before the 15th and you’ll be billed in the beginning of the month.

There’s so many goodies I can’t wait to try so let’s jump into the box!

First box-2250x1500

I apologize, when I was uploading my pictures, they were all corrupted so I had to retake them so for the layout picture I took it from the Terra Bella website.

septtbbsoapSalacia Salts in Midnight Garden. Retail: $10.00. This is perfect for me because I literally just moved closer to the Atlantic ocean! It had dried rosemary along with Atlantic sea salts and shea butter. I usually don’t use bar soaps but this one really intrigued me so I tried it and I think it’s amazing! I personally really like using it with exfoliating gloves because you can really get the full experience of the soap without wasting too much of the product. I just lather up the gloves with the soap and scrub away! It doesn’t feel sticky or dried out afterwards and it smells great. It’s a nice smell but it’s not overly strong after you wash it off.


Wellsmith Bath Bomb in Green Tea/Aloe and Lavender/Vanilla. Retail: $6.00. I have several bath bombs but I never used it before. It’s something nice and fun to use during your bath but I don’t have a bath tub soo it’s a little hard to use it. Maybe I’ll use a chunk and use it in a small tub to soak my feet in the future.

septtbbsprayOlivii 426 Travel Perfume Spray in Vanilla Sandalwood. Retail: $5.00. I don’t like the smell of sandal wood at all but my mom would love this. Incense smells makes my nose really stuffy or runny but this isn’t too bad. But it’s not my scent so I’ll gladly give it to someone who likes the smell better.

septtbblotionRobbins Essentials Goat Milk & Honey Lotion. Retail: $7.50. OMG, this lotion is amazing! It smells so good and it is so moisturizing. My hands are probably the driest hands ever so this really helps keep them moist and looking soft. It smells like oatmeal and honey and it’s very creamy and dense so you only need a little. This is the best lotion by far I’ve used, ever.

septtbbmascaraHerbanluxe Cosmetics Vegan Handmade Mascara in Black. Retail: $11.99. I have a ton of unused mascara but this is something new I never thought anyone would make by hand. This is an everyday mascara so if you want a waterproof one they have them too.

Overall I thought this box was pretty cool, I really like handmade items and I love that it’s all natural at the same time. I’ll never have to worry about harsh chemicals when I order this box. The normal box had a total of $40.49 worth of stuff. So with the “BOXAHOLIC” coupon you would be paying $34.95 for a monthly plan. I think it would be worth it because you’ll get to try natural products before you invest in expensive products. Also, I’m hosting a giveaway for a lip trio so leave a comment and I’ll contact the lucky winner. Good luck!


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