July 2015 Artbotic Box Review


I finally got an art box to review! This is a new subscription box dedicated to art! Artbotic is completely driven by various local and upcoming artists and delivering to you limited editions from all kinds of artists and mediums. I loved the idea so I had to test out one of the boxes. This is the first box so I got #80 out of 100 so when these artists get famous later on, I can say I have a piece of their artwork! Each box cost $65.00 and ships during the 1st-10th every 3 months. You can use the code “BOXAHOLIC” for $5.00 off your first box!

Here’s what the very first box had:


julyartboticglassesGamma Ray Cheaters Sunglasses. Retail: $11.00. These are pretty cool glasses, they have a different tint than your typical sunglasses because they are polarized. Mine had an orange/yellow tint to it. They are reflective and block out a lot of light so these are perfect for a sunny day.

julyartboticlens3-in-1 Clip-on Smartphone Camera Lens Kit. Retail: $8.00. This kit allows you to be creative and artistic. You can change out the lens and focus on details easier by using the macro lens, make the scene “bubble out” using the fish eye lens, or use the wide lens to capture a landscape. It has a padding clip that goes over your smartphone so it won’t be damaged.

julyartboticpinEmilio Ramos Limited Edition Pink Pin. Retail: $18.00. This is a graffiti inspired pin of Marilyn Monroe, I love the hot pink twist for a modern Andy Warhol inspiration. He has other pins that you can collect too!

julyartboticteeThatSoDope Limited Edition T-shirt. Retail: $25.00. I love the graphics of this t-shirt! It just takes your breath away. This makes me want to do similar drawings! I wish the info card explained the artist’s inspiration and meaning more.

julyartbotichappydayAutographed “Happy Day” Print by Nicanor Aquino VII. Retail: $50.00. These prints came in a plastic wrap all rolled up so I put them underneath heavy books but it didn’t completely straighten them. Anyway, I love how he captured his childhood… Disney, Dr. Seuss, Skittles, and his “VII” name on the books. You can really see the details the longer you look at the print.

julyartboticskullAutographed “Head Bone” Print by Ryan Spahr. Retail: $50.00. This is a really cool print to look at… these layers of color are actually thick tip markers layered on top of each other to create the final image. They also give you the artist’s instagram name so you can see more of their work!

julyartboticstickersI thought the box had a lot of cool artwork and things to experiment yourself. It’s also a great way to expose yourself to new art, show it off in your home, and have your very own art collection. I really liked this collection, there’s lots of inspiring artwork! Don’t you think?


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