September 2015 Coterie Sampler Austin, Texas Box Review

septcorcardseptcorholdHey there! I got a new box called The Coterie Sampler delivers handcrafted products from the heart of Austin for you guys to check out! I love reviewing boxes with new and exciting goods that I can’t get to so this one was great to experience. You can choose from 2 sizes, the standard box has 4-6 items for $39.95 and the mark box has 6-8 items for $59.95. Everything is from Austin and limited so it’s unique and local products.

This was a nice big and heavy box! Here’s what I got:

septcorpeachConfituras Seasonal Preserves- Bourbon Maple Peaches. Retail: $10.00. I don’t usually eat jam but these seems really cool… it’s seasoned with a touch of bourbon for flavor! This would be good with a peanut butter sandwich!

septcorlavLavande Farm Lavender Mosquito Repellent. Retail: $10.00. This smells amazing! It’s light scented and it repels mosquitos. This is a pretty big size bottle so you can also use it for room fragrance.

septcorwallBDJ Craft Works Petite Wall Vase in Box Style with Resin Inlay. Retail: $32.00. At first I didn’t know what this was for but after reading the paper I found out that it’s a small wall vase decorator. Each one is unique! It was hand carved and has resin embedded in the wood. I decorated it by putting in metal wires I personally twisted.

septcorsaltLenoir Finishing Salts. Retail: $14.00. I love the packaging on this seasoning! It has pink Himalayan salt, chilies, tejas herbs, and dhana dal spices. I know two of those ingredients but in short this is hot in flavor so add a pinch in whatever your making for a kick.

septcorbiscuitSkull & Cakebones Rosemary ‘Gin and Juice’ Shortbread Tea Biscuits. Retail: $9.95. These are baked biscuits that are denser than your typical biscuit. I haven’t tried it yet but I love rosemary but I never had them with “gin and juice” before.

septcorswaySarah’s Kale Chips Sour Cream & Onion Kale Chips. Retail: $7.00. I’ve had kale chips with ranch and it was delicious however these didn’t taste like sour cream and onion to me. It had a creamy and nutty taste that my roomies enjoyed.

Sway Water Organic Fruit-Infused Water. Retail: $4.00. These are infused with strawberry and rosemary… yumm.

My box had $86.95 worth of stuff in it so you get more than what you paid for. I thought this box had a lot to offer. I found a lot of new and exciting products that I would never think to try so I appreciate the local handmade in small batches. You definitely get a variety of things so it’s an exciting box. I had fun digging in and pulling out the products it felt like Christmas and Easter combined!

So here comes the fun part… I’m giving away a FREE box so check out their site and leave a comment to enter! Easy huh?


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