September 2015 The BuckBin Box Review

septbuckholdseptbuckcardThere’s a party box called The BuckBin and it’s only 20 bucks for 6-8 items delivered to you every month. This month’s theme is a tailgate box so expect to see a bunch of cool drinking and partying tools. šŸ˜‰ The box ships on the 7th of each month and you can expect it to arrive within a week later.

I’m surprised the box didn’t come with a card explaining the different products but they did include a lovely letter explaining the meaning of the box. ButĀ let’s jump into the box anyway!


septbuckcozyThe BuckBin Can Cozy. Retail: $5.00. Typical standard beer accessory so that your hand doesn’t get freezing cold and your beer won’t be dripping everywhere!

septbuckflaskThe Original Disposable Flask. Retail: $5.99. I’ve seen these for holding “water” so you can put whatever else beverage you want… preferably alcohol? You can reuse it, fold it, or freeze it… it holds up to 8 oz. and there’s a funnel for your pouring convenience.

septbuckglassesThe BuckBin Sunglasses. Retail: $5.00. This is pretty much a simple white sunglasses with the name on the side. These aren’t your super fancy $100 something glasses so you can party it up and not worry if they’re busted or lost. I’m thinking about coloring it with sharpies. What do you think I should draw on them?

septbuckhandleThe Can Grip Handle. Retail: $5.00. At first I had NO clue as to what this was but I did a little research and found out this is a handle for a beer can or any can. You just hook the top portion on the lip of the (unopened) can and slide the bottom portion into the grooves. It’s pretty sturdy and easy to remove.

septbuckhornSuper Blast Hand Pump Air Horn. Retail: $5.00. This is pretty cool because it hand operated so you can use it again and again. Just put the pieces together and pull out the bottom and push the handle back into the container and you get that loud air horn sound. Anyone want to make a song with an air horn??


Shotgun Party Beer Can Opener. Retail: $3.00. Yup… it opens bottle caps, can tabs, and creates a shot gun hole for chugging beer! Simple and efficient for us ladies who don’t like to break our nails pulling the can tab and man enough for the guys to chug a beer.

septbuckpongThe BuckBin Pong Balls. Retail: $2.00?. What tailgating party would it be if you didn’t have ping pong balls to play beer pong?? Solo cups are not included but you have a back up set incase you lose your first set. =P

septbuckpuckChill Puck. Retail: $4.00. This is also a cool new product I haven’t seen yet. This keeps your can chilled when the puck is frozen. The rubber exterior holds the can on the bottom so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off.

I pretty much ballpark guessed the prices for most of these but the box is worth at least $34.99 in my opinion and you pay $20.00 flat for the box and shipping. All the products are for fun so they make your life a little bit more fun and easy to party your heart out. $20 bucks is nothing when you are prepping for a tailgating party so bring your beer/alcohol and the BuckBin box and have a good time!


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