October 2015 The BuckBin Review

octbbinholdoctbbincardThis month’s BuckBin theme is Oktobeerfest Bin so there’s tons of beer accessories! Each month for $20.00 you get around 7 drinking/party items based on the monthly theme. It ranges from tools to accessories for beer/alcohol. Some of the things are things I am familiar with but they always put new and unique things on the box so you really get the party experience. This box has by far blown me away so if they keep topping the last month I would tell you to grab one before they are sold out! I really like that they listened and put in the names and uses for each item! Go BuckBin!

So here’s the October box:


octbbinbootDas BOOOOOT. Retail: $3.95. This is a smaller boot but it still holds a liter of beer so it’s a decent amount of alcohol. It’s made of plastic so it’s light and pretty durable. I don’t know about you but drinking from a beer boot is pretty intense… are you ready for Octobeer fest?

octbbinbobBombs. Retail: $2.00? for 2. I’m sure this would cost more but I don’t know where to find them online. These look like shot glasses but they are used for measuring bombs (shots dropped in beer then chugged). You can use them for shots too but these are soo adorable I’ll drink beer from these ;P

octbbinstienBottle Stein. Retail: $6.99. I thought this was pretty awesome! I knew exactly what it was and it’s a cool device for your beer bottle… it’s basically a lid for your beer bottle! It’s pretty heavy for a lid so this won’t just flop open but I found that it’s wobbly when it’s flipped open but other than that it does a great great keeping your opened beer free from dust and such falling into your beer.

octbbinbongBottle Bong. Retail: $4.99. My roommates definitely dove into this first… it surprisingly goes down pretty fast but it leaves a lot of foam in the bottle… but it’s understandable. Plus you can take it with you in your pocket!

octbbinhangoverForget Hangover Patches. Retail: $14.56 for 3 patches. These are all natural and should last you all night. Put in on 24hrs before drinking and it’ll supply you with the nutrient for fighting hangovers.

octbbinballsPing Pong Balls. Retail: $4.00. You can never have enough beer pong balls! They literally get lost like no other…or they roll into things you just don’t want to touch or use for beer pong… just saying.

octbbinshirtBuckBin Oktobeerfest t-shirt. Retail: $20.00. This is a nice soft red tee with a black BuckBin logo for Octobeerfest. As a graphic designer I would’ve printed this lovely logo in white ink but that’s just me.

Overall, my box was worth $56.49, drinking can get pretty expensive but if you get this box- it’ll definitely help with the cost. I can see this box being purchased as party- house warming gift, don’t you? Or you can just bring the box to a party and drink your heart out using everything in this box.

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