September 2015 Something Snacks Box Review

septssholdSomething Snacks’ theme is Back to School but I’m testing out the snacks at work! 😉

septsscardEach box costs $9-$10 depending on your plan so you get 7 snacks each month before the end of the month. Each box has a theme so you get limited edition snacks or twist on a product you already tried. The items in the box are suppose to be healthy conscious so you can snack freely. You can buy the snacks you like in snack sizes on their site now for 50% off!

Let’s get to the goodies:


septssbeanBeanitos Chipotle BBQ Black Bean Chips. I had them with chili I made it’s delicious. The chips are a bit thin but it’s still yummy on it’s own or delicious with any dip! It also came with a coupon so I’m definitely getting the big bag!

septssbrownieMyrna’s Skinny Brownie Crisps. Brownies and chocolate in general are my goto but these are not what I imagined. They are crispy for so but it’s too thick to munch on by itself. These are a hybrid of crackers, chocolate sprinkles, and coco powder. It’s not sweet and not chocolaty… so these weren’t a hit with me.

septsscookieSweet Goodie Girl Cookies Midnight Brownie. I had these in another box (which was full sized) and they are so addictive. These are cookies but milk chocolate chips in an oreo-like cookie. Drool… I prefer the bigger size because it’s much lighter and cruncher to eat. These were bite sized but it didn’t have the same light fluffy yet crispy texture. These were more dense and more like dry cookies than the bigger version which is like a crumbly melt in your mouth cookies.

septssnutsAll Nature California Crunchies Country Herb Almonds. I love almonds but sometimes I’m allergic… I’ll still try them anyway!

septssfruitHealthy Froodles Fruit Cherry Strips Cherry Bliss. These are not your typical store-bought fruit stripes. They are seasoned and not overly sweet. It has a woody-yet slightly fruity taste. It’s cut into small strips and bunched up in the bag rather than on a plastic wrap roll.

septsspuffSweet & Tangy Snack Out Loud Power Puffs. These sound really interesting. Normal cheese puffs are fluffy and crunchy but these are kinda harder to eat. It’s denser like a cheeto but has that puff shape. I wasn’t a fan of the tangy part. It was sweet at first but then there’s a pungent citrus taste at the end whoch made it harder to eat.

septsstaytoSalty & Irish Tayto Cheese & Onion Flavored. These are like Lay’s chips but VERY oniony. It’s good but I’d stay away from eating it at work unless you have a mint or gum handy afterwards!

Overall I thought it had a nice range of variety. I like that Something Snacks gives you a different variation on snacks you already might of tried. I’m a huge snacker so throw any snacks my way and I’ll try it at least once!


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