Terra Bella Box Review October 2015

octtbholdTerra Bella Box is filled with natural hand-made goodies from small businesses. It ranges from skincare to makeup to bath products and more. This is the first box ever so for the September box we see a lot of luxury hand-made goods.

You can choose from 2 kinds of boxes, the Terra Bella Box Lite box or the regular Tera Bella Box. The lite box has 2-3 items whereas the regular box has 5-6 items. If you get the regular box you can choose a month to month plan, 3 month, 6 months or 12 months at a time for a discounted rate. Monthly costs $37.95, 3 months cost $107.84, 6 months is $209.67 and 12 months is $395.34. The lite box is only month to month for $17.95. If you use the code “BOXAHOLIC” you’ll get $3.00 off any regular subscription. Make sure you sign up by the 15th-22nd or earlier so you can get next month’s shipment. Also, the boxes ship out before the 15th and you’ll be billed in the beginning of the month.

Here’s what the October box looks like:


octtbmudBatty’s Bath Dead Sea Mud Mask. Retail: $10.00. I love mud masks especially in the summer because it’s super relaxing. They are all natural and filled with minerals to naturally draw out impurities and clean your pores. It’s really fun to see it dry because the oil from your pores are the last to dry up.

octtblipLive Beautifully Whipped Lip Butter in Pumpkin & Vanilla. Retail: $5.00. I love this season because everything is made with pumpkin. My lips are always dry so I constantly need lipgloss or lipbalm. I have so many already so I can’t wait to try it next year or when I’m in the mood for pumpkin.

octtbsoapSoap Cauldron Gravestein Apple & Clove Bar Soap. Retail: $3.25. This soap bar is pretty cool looking, I like the different colors. It has shea butter with hints of apples and cinnamon, so it can be used for hands or body.

octtbeyeshadowblueHex Potions Loose Mineral Eyeshadow in Apparition. Retail: $8.00. I’m not a fan of loose eyeshadow but it is very pigmented and easy to apply… it could be messy and I feel like waste more but everyone has their preference.

octtbeyeshadowwhiteBlackbird Cosmetics Loose Luxury Eyeshadow in Immortals. Retail: $6.50. I already have similar colors so these will be traded or given away! Since these are pigmented loose powders, you can add them to foundation or paint and such and get creative!

octtbtonerBare Bones Body Care Toner. Retail: $10.00. I use so much toner so this is handy for when I go through all of my toner. I thought they would continue the with theme and make a “with hazel” toner instead of bare bones but the bones themes is unique and intriguing.

I really liked the theme in this box, everything was witch related and it made the products stand out using the Halloween theme. I love that Terra Bella Box is hand-made and is adorably packaged. All but one “sample” is decently sized for more than one application so it’s great you can use these products for months to see how it works. Don’t forget to use the code “BOXAHOLIC” for a discount on your first box!


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