November 2015 Sockflow Box Review

novsockhold Sockflow is a Korean socks box. You get to pick from high quality women, men, or children socks. It starts at $20.00 for 2 k-pop fashion socks, $25.00 for wool socks, and $30.00 for dress socks. If you get 3 pairs it would cost $25.00 and $40 for 3 pairs of dress socks.


There’s a coupon code offer that lasts till December 1st, 2015 for 25% off- if you use the code: LAUNCHDISCOUNT.

Since the box was shipping from Korea, it took less than a month for my socks to come in. Nevertheless, they came so let’s see what I got!

I got two adorable packaged socks:


novsockslayoutThe first sock had purple, gray and cream stripes from Deli Socks. It’s called Blueberry Cake! This company makes their sock based off of food so they have patterns like burgers, hot dogs, coffee beans, ice cream, and etc. They range from ~$3.50 per pair to ~$5.00 depending on the sock designs. I’m not quite sure if they deliver to America directly but that’s what Sockflow is for!

The second pair is from Socks the Language in I Love Green. These are unisex socks so I think these will goto a guy who “loves” the color green. This is way too “flashy” for me but if you love crazy, bright colored socks- this box is for you. This sock cost ~$4.30, the conversion is a bit different since Korea uses won as their currency. These socks don’t get delivered to America probably because they cost a lot to ship.

Overall the quality of these SockFlowsocks are nice, they are soft and comfy. They require extra care to stay in tip top soft condition so if you put in the extra money- you better take care of your socks! The monthly subscription is a bit high without the discount but with it you save at least $5.00 so it’s really not that bad considering where it is coming from.


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